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Test for Bone Loss Markers

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:04pm

I mentioned on my DVDs that there was a urine test for bone loss called the Pyrilinks-D test. Some women have called and said they could not find the test online. Now I have found an online company that has an amazing array of tests that you can get without a prescription.

Since most testing companies will not deal with patients directly, it is a great idea for this company to be the go-between. You pay them for the test and then they give you an order to take to a local lab for the blood or urine draw. They email your results and there is information on the site to show you how to read your own results.  They have been in business since 1985 and were highly recommended to me. Here is their test list page, scroll down for Osteoporosis -

The one they have for Osteoporosis is the same as the Pyrilinks-D test. This tells you if you are building bone or losing bone. This is really all we need to know to adjust our bone program. If you are still losing bone after wearing your vest regularly, then you should look into your pH levels, your magnesium levels, and. Vitamin D3 and B12. Also maybe it is time to adjust your diet - especially leaving out sugar and processed foods of all kinds.

I also think that checking your thyroid and adrenals would be a good idea if you are still losing bone. Many women I speak to are very upset that they are losing bone because they have eaten in a healthy way and exercised for many years. I am finding support for the idea that some of us Type A women tend to over-exercise, which is very hard on the adrenals. Bone density is regulated by the hormonal system (like everything else in our bodies) so to grow old gracefully we need to have our thyroid and adrenal glands working well.

I never did exercise to exhaustion but I sure did a lot of physical work to exhaustion in my day. We Type A' s can' t quit until the job is done even if we are on our knees. I think with exercise we get the endorphins when we overdo it and with work we get the sense of self-satisfaction and accomplishment. There is always a mental or emotional tie-in somewhere.

Check out the other tests on the site. The next one I' m doing is the Nutrient and Toxic Elements test. It is a red blood cell test and most of your doctors won' t have heard of it. They test blood serum - whole blood. But what is in you blood fluid may be there because it can' t get into your cells. By testing at a cellular level you can find out if you are really benefiting from the supplements you are taking. You can also find out how much heavy metal and other toxic substances are in your cells.

To have a good flow of nutrients into your cells, and waste products out of them, you need to keep the cell walls flexible and that is where magnesium, Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 fatty acids come in. Many of you are eating saturated fat and/or taking way too much calcium. Both of which will make your cell walls stiff and impermeable. I will revisit that topic soon because I have just ordered a new form of magnesium to test out. Just remember this, if your body is stiff you need more magnesium and less calcium. Creaking when you get out of bed is NOT normal.

Here' s to waking up with a smile,

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