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Tea treasure

Posted Jan 22 2013 2:20am
Tea treasure Then in the early Republic of China, a Japanese to a town the Chongqing River to play, he walked to appreciate some kc6oen4d antique porcelain Hawker. At this time, a company called a teahouse attracted him. He walked thus came into the shop. Man has a long mouth pot of tea, a cup of tea for him. He took a sip, a fragrance fills the air, he closed his eyes, enjoy this moment brought wonderful. The next table, two are talking about the old man drew his attention. An old saying: " Street East Wang Laohan home tea drinks up does not have taste. " Another old man said: " Yes, I was passing his house, he invited me into his tea, tea is not good, but, I feel better than the taste better. " He gathered together in the past, where two uncles, the king of the old man home in what place. The two elders are pointing the way to him. He Prom Dresses 2013 checked out, up toward the kind old man went home. Wang Laohan home in the East Street. At this time, king of the old man was sitting in the door of the bamboo chair, leisurely shaking, tea placed next to the bench. Hello. King old man. " Japanese speak very fluent in Mandarin. King of the old man looked at the stranger: " Are you? " " I want a cup of tea. " " Oh, sit down, sit down. " King of the old man got up and left the japanese to sit down, and then to strangers poured a cup of tea. The japanese contemplated this tea set, a having an antique flavour copper tea, a bottle body like a gourd, has a slightly upturned teapot mouth gourd below, a handle is arranged in the kettle body coordination, looks very elegant. He sipped his cup of tea, ah, this is the life time to taste the best tea. He and Wang Laohan Lace Wedding Dresses chitchat. Knowing this teapot Short Wedding Dresses is ancestral, as long as I can remember, king of the old man saw his grandfather with the tea to drink tea, tea has been deposited a thick layer of dirt. He asked King old man: "You this teapot to sell do not sell? " King old man hesitated: " You, you how much money? " " The twenty-two silver! " The japanese did not hesitate. " The twenty-two silver? " King of the old man looked at the stranger, an old teapot, be worth twenty-two silver? " The fifty-two silver! " Japanese see Wang Laohan still hesitate, immediately are. OK. The king of the old man did not hesitate, immediately agreed to the japanese. Japanese and Wang Laohan discussions, the very next day with Silver King of the old man home to the tea set. The japanese left, king of the old man looked at the tea set. Tea had rusted. Tea also has a thick layer of dirt. King of the old man thought, others fifty-two silver bought me this tea set, not just give him. Wang Laohan took sandpaper, will be the kettle tea all clean. The very next day, Wang Laohan Japanese came home. Wang Laohan out carefully scrubbed with a tea in front of Japanese. " This is not the tea yesterday I want! " Japanese exclaimed. " Is this, I keep it cleans. " King old man said. " I just want to be yesterday not clean that Ah! Do you know? Accumulation in tea to those inside the tea is tea treasure. Out of the bubble tea flavor is very authentic! You are this clean tea bubble is not the taste! " The japanese shook his head. Regret is gone. Wang Laohan woodenly looked at Japanese leave of figure, very regret.
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