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still humming a tune womens nike free run 3 intentions tempered with life

Posted Dec 01 2012 6:04am
The installed, patted his son's head, screams, Dengzhe cars, power and prestige to leave.Life is like a bottle filled constitutes quality of life. I am most familiar stranger, in a few years, from bachelors child to her husband and then father, men shoulder the burden becoming increasingly heavier, however, and there is not much improvement in the quality of his life, he still curled up high-rise buildings in the city. shadows; son, wife, these are the need to withstand a lifetime of weight. However, all this does not overwhelm his optimism sinking heart. Despite the burden will continue to swell, but the thin man, still humming a tune womens nike free run 3 intentions tempered with life. Forward with a smile or a song, those in flat or bumpy road.

Perhaps this is a turning point of my life, my world in the past 18 years is bleak, I thought, but after today, my life will be full of color, and my life will bloom once waiting Hanada forward, and as the sinking sun never litter like, forever, forever fragrant with happiness Hanada!In May 1992, I was born on a rainy night, missed the collapse of the Soviet Union and Eastern European upheaval, born by the influence of peace, is the only child, many years later, our generation is called "90".My father nike free run 2 mens was born in 1962, his childhood seems only just begun to catch up on the "Cultural Revolution", the father was beaten into a "rightist", he grew up in the economically underdeveloped town life, the New Year has the meat, you can he was pleased Chen child wear, are brother "new" clothes, many years later, when he told me about these, but always face of happiness.
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