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South Korean media said the Chinese patrol ships into the Korean war area

Posted Mar 05 2013 2:46am

South Korean media said the Chinese patrol ships into the Fake Oakley Wholesale Korean war area

South Korean media, and some officials recently continuous speculation Chinese warships regularly patrol a combat area in the Yellow Sea, and said the move " violation" of the Han Army designated. Although the operational area that South Korea Korean media designated no international law, but still urged the government should strengthen the Han Army " coping ", and how to deal with the Chinese media for the Han Army Aircraft weapon. Chinese National Defense University professor Li Daguang 4, to the " Global Times " reporter said Han Jun, combat area beyond its territorial sea delimitation of boundaries, is South Korea according to their own safety, the sensitive situation unilaterally delineated, and no international legal basis, is not generally recognized in other countries, Chinese warships to normal through no problem. And the Yellow Sea surface is narrow, Sino-South Korean exclusive imitation Oakley Wholesale economic zone overlap, Chinese warships in the areas can hardly be avoided.

According to South Korean SBS television reported 3, the South Korean government sources said the same day, Chinese destroyers and frigates now every week to regional South Korean military operations in the Yellow Sea delimitation of (AreaofOperation ) 1-2 regular patrols. Reportedly, the operational area and the Air Defense Identification Zone on the high seas, is set up to monitor the unidentified or illegal armed ships entered South Korean waters area, but can't be a ship out on the basis of other countries. The South Korean navy at present only in the operational area of North Korean ships into the Han Army to delineate the eviction activities.

4 Yonhap reported this news, and Chinese ships regularly patrol activities as violation of the combat zone Jun Han set. " ". The report quoted the South Korean government source as saying, according to enter the country designated combat area did not expel the foreign Wholesale Fake Oakleys ships in international law at present, Chinese warships has been patrolling the area, therefore has not admit the Han Army designated area of operations meaning.

Yonhap also deals with China 's first aircraft carrier "Liaoning ship " says, the carrier was deployed in Qingdao, " the note ", " may be against South Korea continued to improve in the the Yellow Sea military and strengthen patrols in the area maritime measures ". The report also quoted experts said, China will " Liaoning ship " from Dalian assignment to Beihai fleet headquarters is located in Qingdao, " that China should strengthen the Korean Peninsula military influence ".

Yonhap said, if the operational area Chinese warships into the Han army set, then the South Korean Navy second Fleet ships will sail for the corresponding patrol, China is South Korea's military to the West and South Sea " expansion ", but the South Korean navy sea combat and limit, so it is necessary to build a " mobile fleet " to ensure that the operational requirement Korea maritime.

South Korea, " Seoul news " to " Chinese ships into the battle area " our title says, the news is true words can not say " anxiety ", South Korea must respond. In order to deal with China 's first aircraft carrier deployment in the Yellow Sea, it is necessary to strengthen the Han army air, sea, underwater Reconnaissance Force and response capabilities, and the introduction of long-range supersonic ground-to-ship missile. To supplement the South Korean navy " inadequate" submarines and combat personnel, the South Korean government budget support is also essential. The newspaper that, South Korea should revive plans ocean motor fleet construction has been abandoned, and explore the increase of submarines.

Li Daguang 4, told the " Global Times " reporter, in the sea, between China and South Korea, although also has Su Yanjiao the sovereignty dispute, but no structural conflict, China did not take South Korea as strategic rival, is more impossible for South Korea to deploy " Liaoning ship ". The aircraft carrier deployment involves a variety of factors, the port waters, strategic planning, some South Korean media hard to " target " to embrace him, it is far-fetched. From the Korean media reports of view, does not rule out by speculation Chinese warships " expansion ", to expand the intentions of its maritime power in South korea. In the military, South Korea is the United States of America 's allies in the United States, make every attempt to limit China's situation, South Korea is " said " is also very normal.

An inconvenience to disclose the names of 4 people on the " Global Times " reporter said, at present China and South Korea in the sea of Japan has territorial disputes with fierce, but no major conflicts between China and South korea. In this situation, some in the South Korean media and people suddenly up the "China Threat Theory ", is not wise, behind what motive or Wholesale Fake Oakley whether there is some kind of influence are worthy of attention in provoking.

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