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sore feet (soles) in the morning, pain doesn't go away without shoes. knees hurt as well

Posted by felepc

I am 40 yrs old, male.  I wake in the morning, my feet are sore like someone's beat them with a bat (the soles especially, but the whole foot). Ankles are sore as well and usually swolen, but the bulk of the pain is concentrated in the feet.

I cannot walk around too long without shoes or the pain gets worse. Being barefoot becomes unbearable extremely quickly.  Just wearing socks helps.  Wearing shoes helps to the point where I can get along with my work day.

Any type of action/excercise (running/jumping) brings the issue back even more pronounced and it affects my inner shin bone and knees as well.

 The pain is not an acute pain, but more of prolonged soreness that won't go away.

This has been going on for years. I can never get a clear answer from general practicioners. Also have been to a rhuemotologist - nothing.

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Going to a podiatrist may be the answer. I have falling arches but arch supports take care of that. Good Luck!
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