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Some suggestions for maternity purchase and collocation

Posted Nov 17 2012 6:28am

No matter what kind of maternity clothes that you like, it can not only look at style, the key is to look at the dress is comfortable, whether does not affect fetal development.

Pregnant woman is easy to sweat during gestation period, so it is best to choose a better air permeability of natural fiber clothing (such as cotton). The following are some suggestions for maternity purchase and collocation:

Buying maternity pants or pregnant women dress, the best choice is the neutral colors, such as black or khaki. Clothing of the abdomen and waist must have very good flexibility, which can support and protect children, the best selection of fabric is twill or poplin.

Most pregnant women like bib, it is the main dress for pregnant women in the wardrobe. This is because the bib is soft to the touch, easy to wear and wear a long time, bib with basic services for pregnant women should have the characteristics, such as loose abdominal, good comfort.

Reserve some t-shirts that can be worn alone or supporting wearing.

To ensure that the wearing comfort, pregnancy can purchase an angle from a button shirt. This shirt is generally made of fine cotton yarn or cloth of Oxford produced, it is more comfortable, suitable for pregnant women are wearing more comfortable. But the shirt is very good match, I wear a skirt, and a jacket can be used as work occupation dress, with a loose pants also act as a weekend's clothes.

Buy some soft and comfortable elastic knitting garment, such as a tunic, knitted trousers and knit dress, they can be associated with other styles of clothing, and can also be worn alone.

There is at least one suitable for social occasions dress maternity in the closet, for example, a look more formal maternity dress, or a piece of exquisite workmanship exquisite sateen shirt with a long black pant. Buying clothes, you don't have to worry about some fashion models wearing sexy, bosom peeped dress styles let you more feminine.

During pregnancy, the chest size will gradually become larger, so the need to buy a few pieces of maternity bras that enough to contain and support the chest. In addition, abdomen during pregnancy will also gradually outstanding, so you have to buy some that fit the comfortable maternity pants.

If pregnancy man needs to work, then need to be equipped with suitable for work in the occupation. The best choice of cotton clothing, because the cotton clothing is soft to the touch, breathable absorbent has good comfort and support role.

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