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So, for the post that I intended to write last week...

Posted Oct 01 2008 5:08pm
My infusion went great last Monday!! The time before that as you know was a train wreck, but this time all was smooth again. They had a new infusion nurse, who at first I was a little skeptical of that ended up doing a fine job and only stabbed me once. I also had an appointment with the rheumatologist this time. Normally she will come check on me while getting the infusion as a part of the study, but this was a normal office visit with all the x-rays and everything. I was under the impression that the office visit was going to be first in an effort to safe time, but they did it the other way around...go figure. Even so, we did make it out of there at 1:00pm and considering previous visits that have taken up to seven hours, only four and a half is not too bad.

The results of the visit were that the rheumatologist and myself agreed that the medication is working which is tremendous! She was very impressed and stated that my body has come a long way even in a few months and that she was worried about me before. She stated that she will continue to check on me during the infusions as a part of the study, but that I do not have to have a normal, x-ray, lab work visit for another year!! Thank God, because even with insurance, it can be pricey. Great news huh? I was excited!

So with that, I have been doing much better!! So much better actually! Granted, I want to be clear that I still have pain, morning stiffness, and it sucks, but not quite like it was even three months ago, and for that I am thrilled!! Yay for feeling better!!!
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