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Smart accessories make elegant amethyst energy of wisdom woman

Posted Aug 12 2011 10:41am

Known as "water jade" gem crystal is a summer one of the most pampered of fashion costume jewelry material, that charming glory, refreshing cool, so that girls can not resist. Crystal color number, today let us talk amethyst it. Mysterious and romantic - which is a lot of people would have for feeling after seeing amethyst. Its color is so special that difficult to find from the other stones so glamorous and attractive body colors.

Amethyst of the terms

According to legend, Dionysus Pascal once drink prank, Manchester will be a beautiful girl named Mackie pushed in front of a beast, just saw all of this goddess Diana, as the girls from harm, they applied magic the girl into a white stone sculpture, Pascal a rude awakening, regret not cope, because he found this statue that he had been deeply fascinated by the white statue. Sad when in the hands of wine accidentally spilled on to the sculptures, the stone actually slowly into a beautiful amethyst, to compensate for their errors and to commemorate the girl, Dionysus's name for young girls so they "AMETHYST "named Amethyst.


  Amethyst Spiritual say Amethyst's high energy, it can not only develop the wisdom to help thinking, focused study, enhance memory and brain cells can enhance the vitality and functioning of the brain, the brain takes a long time for students and office workers, amethyst is not or lack of crystal gem fashion jewelry  weapon. Amethyst is the stone of social networking, but here refers to the social is not brought popularity as powder, but are restrained type from the heart to attract the edge, always wear often help meet the honored, increase alertness, improve intuitive and subconscious.

The beautiful amethyst said

Purple is the color of one of nature's most rare, has been considered representative of the royal color, so many European royal crown chose to inlay amethyst. Amethyst crystal in the present because it contains manganese and hazy psychedelic purple, which includes the concentration of light lilac to deep purple from various purple tone. In general, the mysterious and dark purple especially because of popular feeling, color the more valuable the more concentrated is the most valuable amethyst or even showing a dense purple color with red, of course, this amethyst is also extremely rare. Purple crystal hedgehog cute attractive, as if tells a moving story. Placed on the desk, ready to play, feeling through the palm Qinliang.Purple represents the mystical, rational, intelligent, elegant, amethyst is one of a woman longing for costume jewelry. Imaginative designer amethyst charm to its head in the woman, while adding the beautiful bring good luck.

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