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Slow and Steady

Posted May 23 2009 12:00am

In visiting with my doctor yesterday, he made it clear that my diagnosis is rheumatoid arthritis. He stated that it is commonly accepted by the medical community that blood tests are not that accurate. But the silver lining is that so called seronegative cases tend to be less severe. That’s feels good to me knowing what I have while at the same time brings a level of trepidation because I know that rheumatoid arthritis is chronic and what it can do.

Even though I’ve only taken four injections, the Enbrel seems to be doing it’s job. I have less fatigue and have more energy. It’s like I almost forget what having energy felt like! Joint pain is still present but is much less. There are still days when I feel like a truck ran over me but they are few and far between compared to a couple of months ago. My doc said that this is a really good sign and he is hopeful that the Enbrel is working. I should continue to improve over the next 2-3 months.

Since I started feeling better, I found myself wanting to jump right back into life full bore. I would push myself to get things done around the house or with other activities. This is part of my nature…I need to stay busy. But I quickly learned that I have to pace myself and be happy with accomplishing a few things instead of checking everything off my list. My wife is the first to remind me that I’m pushing myself too hard! I think I have to reset my thinking patterns about life. Maybe it will give me a new perspective and outlook.

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