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Sinopec scolded himself more and more money is the scapegoat of social discontent

Posted Jul 18 2011 8:29am
As a state-owned enterprises with a monopoly of color, founded 28 years Sinopec scale snowball grow. At the same time, domestic oil prices have been rising in recent years, another outbreak of the "astronomical chandelier", "price wine," "recklessly bonus" event, so that Sinopec has garnered criticism.Why when it is bright on the world stage when they face the public in their own country questioned? Why is it nearly a thousand billion annual profits and taxes paid, will not lead to the recognition of public opinion? This sort of growth of the petrochemical company history, trying to present a true three-dimensional Sinopec.

Sinopec said that low-income employees, no car no house, but outsiders do not believe. Sinopec, the public mind the image of a huge gap with the feelings of employees.Sinopec Group's new headquarters, located in Beijing Chaoyang near the door, where every day people such as weaving.Each day, after 80 Li have come here to take the subway to work. Oil majors, Sinopec young age into work, his day out of this luxury building, in many people's imagination, is that "price chandelier" is located.Headquarters, but also often have different colors dressed foreigners take a photo. Sinopec to become a partner with Sinopec to do business is the reason they traveled visit. In their eyes, this is the largest in Asia, the world's fourth refiner.

Li are not very old, but the lack of grass-roots work experience. He is far to the northwest to find the oil, every drop of oil that are hard to come by, "Really, if I see in the field, Sinopec gas station, do not consciously have a sense of pride."However, the past two years, hit by Sinopec's "astronomical chandelier", "price wine" events, and quality of oil so that damage to corporate image. Coupled with the domestic refined oil prices have been rising, Sinopec users often become the object of a punitive expedition.Loss of call subsidies, to suppress private enterprises, high oil prices, corruption, high salaries are often added to the head of Sinopec's "crime." The public's mind that Sinopec and Mike know more different.
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