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Should I ask for an arthrogram on shoulder after finding a lump in biceps and triceps after a fall?

Posted by Neckpain Nelda

My MRI says thickening and increased signal within the supraspinatus tendon denoting tendinosis.  A subacromial osteophyte with inferior tilting of the anterior acromion. There is impact upon the musculotendious junction of the supraspinatus.  Mild hypertrophic changes are seen at the acromioclavicular joint.Moderate thickening of the proximal intraarticular long head of the biceps denotes tendinosis. Degenerative labral tearing is seen.  Small degenerative subcortical cvysts are seen subjacent to the infraspinatus insertion at the greater tuberosity.  Does the inferior downsloping of the anterior acaromion in the region of the coracoacromial ligament insertion where the prominent osteophyte is present cause my shoulder pain and a deep pain in my shoulder joint?  I have had two cortisone injections in the shoulder area, one in the side of my shoulder just under the bone and another on the backside of the shoulder within a two week period.  After the first injection, the pain in the muscle that runs from the shoulder up to my ear was relieved for about two weeks, however, the pain returned after about two weeks in the side of the neck with the shoulder pain never ceasing.  I did not find the lump until recently.  Do orthopedic surgeons not massage the arm muscles when a patient is complaining in that area to possibly find the problem?  Also, are cortisone injections routinely given by the ortho or a nurse with or without xray or ultrasound guidance.  Are cortisone injections given on the outside area just underneath the bone in the shoulder?  I am still experiencing pain from the shoulder to elbow and forearm into the wrist at times.  Do you think I am overly concerned?? or should I seek another opinion?
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