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Shooting from the hip

Posted Jan 05 2013 12:25am
This morning I walked into the physical therapy office feeling no pain in my right hip. This has become unusual. I almost always am in pain there, and took to using my cane while in Las Vegas. I had just returned from my holiday trip there last night.

While in Las Vegas I did not exercise every day. I went to the gym four or five times in about two weeks, and I did some walking on some other days, but mostly I was not being especially active. Perhaps the extra rest was good, after all, for my hip. I can never tell, really, because I avoided exercise altogether on my November trip and was in a whole lot of pain the entire time.

Nevertheless, here I was, feeling good! It is always nice to start a new year feeling good. I don't do resolutions but I do like to take stock a little.

My time on the Nustep crosstrainer went well; no extra hip pain. I like to meet certain goals on some machines. In the case of the Nustep I like to get to .75 mile in the fifteen minutes I'm on. Today I sailed to .80, which is quite a bit more than usual. I really was feeling strong.

I then moved to the hip flexor machine and had little trouble there. Usually that's one of the machines I just like to get done with. I did start feeling the pain again on the leg press; I do four sets of fifteen with both legs, then four sets with just my right leg, and that's when it tends to set in.

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