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she on UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 the sofa

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:31am

"Promise!Don't break."The handle knob machine of Zhang Xiao Xi passed in the past, the Xiao Yan answered to come over, funny impending, " will I accompany not to rise your cellular phone?" Slice!Zhang Xiao Xi not the language is inclined body to no longer see him. Probably led time for several minutes, the Xiao Yan suddenly walked to nearby, she hugged her shoulders, it is under the body to protect her.Zhang Xiao Xi frightenned a to greatly jump, hurriedly started aside and heard him feeling suspicious upset voice:"How long do you want to be foolish under rain?Today in a bad humor, you were drenched to easily catch a cold.Owe!"Do not think, start sneezing of person but is him. Zhang Xiao Xi smells speech one Zheng and immediately stopped a step, the droop wears a head, foolish foolishly stand. "The cellular phone returns to you.Saved my private number in"Xiao Yan raising of gentleness her hand, fill cellular phone into her hand, " cellular phone, occupying could call me.See you go upstairs, I walk." She tightenned to grip a cellular phone.Rain more floats more heavy.Stand in rain, her calmness is as carving.However have, the hand that holds a cellular phone is in the shivering of Se Se.Xiao Yan wants to embrace her, want to protect she is in the bosom, but can allow she is beaten by rain wet, allow her body with bad and own Jian.He doesn't can make anything and however have to quietly accompany in the part. The time imitated a Buddha to lead for a century of long-last, the Zhang Xiao Xi Panasonic accepted into a cellular phone at a stretch pocket, to Xiao Yan low language:"I tonight in a bad humor, we next time again invite."Finish saying, the title hoped one eye Xiao Yan. Xiao Yan for an instant empress UGG Womens Sundance 5605 just suddenly what she says is a dinner, then ha ha of smile:"Time you settle, place I settle." "Good."Along with a between the light sound, Zhang Xiao Xi has dfhjmdfhjvbfj already walked into a mansion. Hope what she left lonely fall Mo sad figure even, the Xiao Yan felt to feel helpless for the first time.He and Chen are simple and refined to is the little colleague, friend and lover, lover and companion of childhood friends, they live naturally, each other of the heart be like a clear mirror sort to do it again the necessity that didn't surmise.But Zhang Xiao Xi is different, she is a complicated woman.But they currently don't still stranger. She can't state worry to him, can't expose heart to him. The apartment depends window position, Zhang Xiao Xi brought about curtain dime to secretly hope the sports car and man of the underneath of building.The person of a pair is near at very short distance, but far and beyond the horizon.About, after, the half hour's Xiao Yan drove to leave bright small area.Zhang Xiao Xi lets go of a curtain and took back deep and low vision.He spends heart or not romantic or not heel what relation can she have?Her Wu from shake head funny. Cast aside and don't say in those early years, come to the words of seeing the Lu ocean at present, he really was a quite good choice.Just, regrettable this conclusion is antecedent.If, Lu ocean expressed the words of intention in those early years, if, she had no with burning second Sung together at that time of words, if, loved her compare the brothers words that feelings is important, if!This is really the funny cause and effect. Depend on to lie on Zhang Xiao Xi's vision on the sofa to emptily hope black hold a television, tears in eye immediately tears overflow, follow the cheeks in a short instant roll to fall.Did he really love her for four years?If have no her with Sung burning second of this separates, he is also silent to wait for she how long?The person's whole life will have how much four years of energetic and daring! Have already changed book chapter 23, I accept your apology Ba Da novel download the net renew time:2012-1-208:17:04 chapter word numbers:4000 But her four years, after wind and frost rain snow, the hard working struggles, fame and wealth talks not and up brilliancy or success, after all come to a her four year agos Be resolute to turn the target that creates for the backstage from the anchor.Sour puckery consequence, only she just knows by herself and just divides a cherishing of outside. This night have no sleep, she always the half lie recall she on UGG Ultra Tall Boots 5245 the sofa four years walk of disturbances, this come it is in really not easy.One year ago, she still doesn't want to across into marriage so early.The saint hall of marriage control each other of not only only is one paper law marriage book, but also have never the betrayal leave to leave of responsibility.Present society, the divorce rate again and again increases, the Shan loves a Shan marriage all like that, and she doesn't want to easily make a , this decision. But, Sung's blazing thinking so isn't second.He feels that the association is enough for three years each other understands each other and enough hold hands to walk into marriage saint hall, he was full Ugg Bailey Button Triplet 1873 of confidence to their loves, even complacent.When Zhang Xiao Xi refuses, his disappointment even despair once she to the utmost see in the eye bottom, but don't think a men want to attain a target, what can become ever.He became their feelings to once own and urgent looked for the girl of a young beauty and quickly followed marriage.That 2 month time that is brief, wait she to realize already too late, or arrestment or complain all too late. Their feelings whether such as the novel talk feeling inside as the proverb says:Isn't that the whose is wrong, Be just opportune moment not to, then missed a lifetime. This night she always head muddledly remember ever, be she was made bell by the cellular phone make come to of time, blurredly opened a pair of eyes, have a splitting heacache of sit start.
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