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Russian President Cheap Beats By Dre vladimir putin published 12 state of the union

Posted Dec 13 2012 3:09am

Russian President Cheap Beats By Dre vladimir putin published 12 state of the union address, the vow improve the country's economic and military strength. He also taking aim at abroad, accused foreign forces by democracy, a great intention intervention Russia's internal affairs.

Mr Putin march third enters the kremlin, this is he after his first state of the union. Mr Putin the conversation on domestic issues, he encouraged family raising more children, also vowed to create 25 million new jobs, and for teachers, doctors, engineers and other professional new incentive plan.

Vladimir putin, Russia will depend on the interpretation of democracy to go democratic way, don't pay attention to "the outside world to give us a set of standard".

He pointed out that, Moscow will not beats by dre cheap  allow foreign forces directly or indirectly interfere with Russia's political process. To participate in Russia's political activities, they can't accept overseas money aid, or foreign interests effect.

According to the Russian parliament passed legislation, nongovernmental organizations to accept foreign aid, and engaged in already clear definition is belong to the category of political activities, they must register as "foreign agents".

Mr Putin said, improve military power can guarantee Russia's independence and security, from a global pattern to see, Russia must also keep our national and mental characteristics. He pointed out that, in the international arena, Russia will continue to promote the "consultation type of collective effort" to tackle the global problems. However, Moscow has shown that don't support international to Syrian President bashar al-assad sanctions.

Putin also vowed to increase the strength of anti-corruption. He pointed out that the resources of the national development for corruption and destroyed.

Putin also reiterated that will reduce the oil export, the dependence of mineral resources, and actively promote the development of high-tech industries.

Philippine officials said on Wednesday, the Philippines and the United States has just increased U.S. warships, military aircraft and forces in the Philippines activity plan agreed.

The United States and Philippine officials on December 11 to 12, held in Manila third bilateral strategic dialogue. 12, the Philippines in Manila senior officials held a meeting to discuss the two countries to strengthen the military and economic cooperation cheap dr dre beats plan.

The Philippines national defense and foreign officials say, the future will see more American warships, military aircraft and forces in the area is engaged in training and rescue activities.

The Philippines foreign ministry responsible for the United cheap beats States of affairs vice minister SuoLei tower said the two sides are discussing is to increase the number of U.S. troops stationed rotation problem, this week will be approved a beautiful fe joint military training five year plan.

In the United States last year announced its diplomatic, economic and defense strategy focus after the shift to Asia, the United States warships, aircraft and significantly more soldiers appeared in the Philippines, Australia and other parts of Asia Pacific.

Due to the Philippines and south China sea area in territorial sovereignty dispute, the Philippines action attention. Reuters 12 quoted an unnamed U.S. officials said, Washington is not ready to  direct intervention in the south China sea dispute, but focus on strengthening and the Philippines and long-term Allies on security relations.

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