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Russian exile the British Regal died in apartment was a Russian financial oligarchy

Posted Mar 25 2013 9:05am

Russian exile the British Regal died in apartment was a Russian financial oligarchy

British police have confirmed that, in exile in the United Kingdom Russian billionaire Boris Berezovsky, 23, was found near London apartment death.

According to the British Broadcasting Corporation Cheap Oakleys (BBC) reported that Berezovsky apartment is located in Surrey, southeast of London. British police began investigating the cause of his death, blocked his apartment and the surrounding area. Police said that at present unable to explain the cause of his death.

, The Do Chomsky's Cheap Oakley son-in-law, Schuppe also released the news on their Facebook.

Berezovsky was born in 1946, was one of Russia's most influential Fake Oakley financial oligarchy, into exile in the United Kingdom in 2000.

According to Russian news agencies reported, Russian President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Peskov said, killed about Do Sharansky message has been communicated to Putin.

In the Yeltsin era, Berezovsky, one of Russia's "Seven oligarchs" accumulated enormous wealth in the financial, energy and other fields, and the movers and shakers in the political arena. After Putin was elected president, Berezovsky was accused of committing financial fraud, embezzlement and other charges, and emigrated to Britain in 2000 to seek political asylum. Since then, he has been wanted by the police in Russia objects.

Last year, Boris Berezovsky, another Russian billionaire, British Chelsea football club owner Roman Abramovich in court in London. The two former business partners, and later break, both sides of the lawsuit is about oil companies trading disputes of the 1990s, Berezovsky accused Fake Oakleys each other of forcing the sale of shares in a super-low. Ultimately, the court dismissed his prosecution.

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