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Right Now I'm Really Into...Music/Sound Therapy

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:05pm

What kind of music are you listening to, and what is it doing for your health? As Dr. Weil says, "Some sounds can harm, and some sounds can heal."

Ever since I started on my healing journey I've known that de-stressing and relaxing is so important, which is why I started changing the way I use and listen to music. Many of us listen to pop music or other loud, stress-promoting music in the car or at work. I used to be in my car about 2 hours a day and listened to the popular rock station the whole time! It took me awhile to realize how negative the songs are. All of them are about breaking up, going out and partying or being heartbroken. How would any of that help me have the positive outlook on life that I needed so badly in order to heal? Not only are they negative, but the beats are anxiety-promoting and anything but soothing. Now that I've de-programmed myself from this kind of music and stimulation, I feel overwhelmed the minute I start listening to it again. I didn't change, but I learned to recognize how music is affecting me. When I'm in my car I now listen to the Classical WETA station and sometimes the soft rock station...but only if it's a song I really like. I also listen to Enya, a mixed steel drum cd and a few others from the Relaxation Company.

Before you make a big change like that, you have to understand what role music plays in your life. Does it distract you from your over-active mind? Does it entertain you when you would otherwise be bored? Is it just a habit to turn on the radio or put in the cd that's sitting right there? Do you turn it on in the evening while you're doing dishes? Music is important to our well-being and I don't suggest that you eliminate it from your life. Just observe what music you listen to and when. Take note of how it makes you feel and try finding something that you like that also promotes positive and comforting feelings.

The basic theory behind healing through sound is that sounds of a certain frequency will vibrate into our own body's frequencies and have an impact on a cellular level. Sound that vibrates at a high frequency will reach our body and begin to bump into our own frequency and make us vibrate at a higher frequency. When low sound frequencies mesh with our body's field of energy, the opposite happens. That's my super simplified explanation! For information on how different kinds of sounds affect us, go to: or practical

Some things to try this week:
  1. Try driving to work or the grocery store in silence. See how this feels. What kinds of thought pop up? Are you bored? Why? Are you overwhelmed by the silence, or by your thoughts? Why?
  2. Find the local classical music station and see what it's like.
  3. Check you library system to see if they have some of the cds listed below.
  4. Buy a cd from one of the soures below and see how it makes you feel.
  5. Search I-tunes for a few bands that play positive music or search for acoustical versions of music you already like.

Here are some sources for healing cds and relaxing music:

The Relaxation Company
Classical music online
Dr. Weil's cds (scroll all the way to the bottom of this page)
Amazon's Relaxation cds
Amazon's healing cds
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