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Recently found a piece of MOTOROLA gp328 battery and the relevant

Posted Aug 15 2012 2:24am

Recently found a piece of MOTOROLA gp328 battery and the relevant articles, pick, share with you, my friends. Although article said mainly is the mobile phone battery, but now a digital camera use also is lithium ion battery, and mobile phone battery as principle. So, look at this article still has great practical significance. This paper is divided into 11 question and the corresponding solutions.

1. Know memory effect 2. Need to activate MOTOROLA GP328 Two Way Radio Battery 3. The first three secondary imitation 12 hours 4. Rechargeable batteries have best 5. Really is charging current is larger, the faster charging 6. Straight imitation target output current is equal to the charging current 7. Circulation charge and discharge a is less a life 8. Battery capacity, the higher the better 9. Full charge of the battery for storage10. A green light seat charger after filling in an hour useful 11. Jump start a ho-hum seat than straight imitation full.

Battery memory effect refers to the Battery for MOTOROLA GP328 reversible failure, namely the battery failure can restore performance. Memory effect is refers to the battery long time through specific work cycle, automatic keep this a certain tendency. The first defined in nickel cadmium battery, nickel cadmium bag battery does not exist memory effect, sintering type battery have memory effect. Now nickel metal hydrogen (commonly known as nimh) cell from the memory effect definition of constraint. Because modern nickel cadmium battery technology improvement, the memory effect has been greatly reduced, and the other one kind of phenomenon to replace the definition, the battery is nickel base "lattice change", usually, nickel cadmium battery by these two kinds of effect synthesis influence, but nimh batteries is only to "lattice change" memory effect of, and influence a nickel cadmium battery for small.

In practical applications, eliminate the memory effect method have strict standard and an operating process. Improper operation will backfire. For nickel cadmium MOTOROLA gp328 battery, normal maintenance is regular deep discharge: average every use a month (or 30 times cycle) on a deep discharge (discharge to 1.0 V/every day, foreigners called exercise), common use is as far as possible with cell or use shutdown, and other means can alleviate the formation of the memory effect, but this is not exercise, because the instrument (such as mobile phone) is not used 1.0 V/every quarter to shutdown, must want to special equipment or line to finish the work, fortunately, many nickel hydrogen battery charger with this function. For a long time no exercise of the nickel MOTOROLA gp328 battery, will because memory effect of the cumulative, cannot use exercise to capacity reply, then requires deeper discharge (foreigners say recondition), this is a very small current long time to the battery discharge to 0.4 V each section of a process, need professional equipment.

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