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Reactive Arthritis & Pityriasis Rosea

Posted by CNorth

I have been suffering with swollen joints and tendons in my hands and feet/ankles for over a month now.  The swelling started the week before I got the traditional Pityriasis Rosea bloom after having a herald patch for a couple of weeks.  I finally saw a Rheumatolgist who said the swelling was due to reactive arthritis and questioned me about whether I had any bowel or bladder issue.  Chlamidia isn't even a possibility and I haven't had any major bowel issues (aside from a minor stomach bug 2 months ago).  That aside, the stiffness seems to coincide perfectly with the Pityriasis Rosea.  Anybody hear of these two conditions showing themselves together before?

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Hi there, Y


es, I am currently going through the same thing. I had the Pityriasis Rosea first, didn't know what it was but was waiting to see if it cleared before going to the doctor. Over the weekend of waiting I woke up with swelling in my fingers, ankles and knees making it pretty painful to do lots of basic things. After i went to the doctor the next day she said the rash was pityriasis Rosea and the swelling was part of the virus. She told me that if the swelling didn't go away though, after time, that I should come back and they would do some blood work. I don't have diminisehd energy, head ache or any other virus symptoms just the swollen joints and pityriasis rosea. 

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