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Questions I have

Posted by channing28270

I am new here. I am suffering from chronic Pain. I am having very bad knee pain that has been diagnosed as petellofemoral Pain syndrome up to where I am having a hard time with major pain when I try to bend down to sit on the floor, do cleaning duties at work that require a lot of bending like cleaning the lower oven and cleaning the refrigerators. I also have a lot of pain when I go up and down stairs. I also am finding myself to have to grab on to things like handle bars when I use the bathroom or a table when I get up from a chair, etc. I have some questions my question are:

1. Does anyone else suffer from very bad knee pain that has been diagnosed at petellofemoral Pain Syndrome that can relate to me?

2. What can you do if this knee pain does not go away because I am wanting to get better from this and am in a lot of pain?


If you know the answers please e-mail me at the e-mail below:





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