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Psoriatic Arthritis Linked to Environmental Factors

Posted Dec 02 2010 2:00pm

Researchers have determined that a number of environmental factors, including trauma, are related to the onset of psoriatic arthritis in patients who have psoriasis.

Dr. Ian N. Bruce, of the University of Manchester, UK, and his team investigated 98 patients with psoriasis who had developed inflammatory arthritis. These were compared to 163 psoriasis patients that did not have arthritis. The participants were asked to complete a survey to assess the impacts of potential factors associated with the development of arthritis.

Among the factors that had a positive correlation to development of psoriatic arthritis were rubella vaccination (4.6 percent for psoriatic arthritis patients vs 0.7 percent for controls), trauma which required medical care (14.9 percent vs 7.9 percent), and recurring oral ulcers (25.3 percent vs 8.9 percent).

In addition, it was more likely that psoriatic arthritis patients had moved than were controls (30.3 percent vs. 18.2 percent, respectively). Psoriatic arthritis patients were also more likely to have had a broken bone that required admission to a hospital (50 percent versus 9 percent).

“Psoriatic arthritis can be considered as a ‘disease within a disease’,” Dr. Bruce’s team stated. Psoriatic arthritis is “inflammatory arthritis on a background of pre-existing or future development of psoriasis.”

“Usually arthritis post-dates, often by several years, the onset of psoriasis,” they noted. So for patients with psoriasis, it is would be helpful to know what factors increase their risk of developing this condition.

The team’s findings were published in the May issue of Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases.

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