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Previous Ying Shibei finals to compete fairly intense

Posted Mar 04 2013 6:19am

rule failed to fully grasp the "essence"

.Sixth Ying Shibei final 26 game of chess, 16 Board winner is the final calculation of points, only 10 innings without taking into

account points wins. Which the third finals Liu Changhe war Yitianjiji, four game of chess to fight to the last few chess, even if

the gap is not small, the two sides also refused to vote child can see the desire to win. The first session of the final Cao

Xunxuan showdown Nie Weiping, the first four innings battle to receive all official sub. Has not yet occurred in a session of the

final game are not taking into account the case of point winner, second and fifth finals have three games do not count points

wins, is currently the highest on record. Fan Ting Yu Pu Tinghuan fighting posture, they may be rewritten in this year's final

record.Previous Ying Shibei nike air amx excellerate uk sale   finals to compete fairly intense, the older generation of the previous two chess ho dispute is

particularly stalemate. First session, two 50 chess Xiong Weiping Cao Xunxuan interpretation the contemporary Fanqi war classic 50

game of chess called names Bureau, cheap nike air max 1 uk   both sides play their own characteristics, the first four innings gather in the official sub-

meter point a winner, the fifth inning Cao Xunxuan with fierce strokes break Nie Weiping bigger picture, the 145 hand tesujis

captured opponents backgammon tendons, buy nike air max 90 hypersfuse   thus changing the trend of the world chess.But 145 hand is not Ying Shibei final minimum

number of lots, only came in third place. Ying Shibei finals the third inning, Xufeng Zhu in just 119 hands let Otake hero

vanquish, which is the shortest number of lots Ying Shibei finals history.

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