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preventing arthritis in my hands

Posted by blm4horses

i'm still young and i have a fear that i'm going to get arthritis. I do a lot with my hands, i play clarinet, sax, piano, and guitar. My hands are always cold and clammy, sometimes i get aches in my hands when i play an insturment too long, i know i'm probably over reacting, but what can i do to prevent getting arthritis?
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Arthritis is a very common but complex disease. A most common symptom is
the joint pains in the different joints in the body. These joints could be
at the elbows, knees, hands, wrists, or even the hips and different parts
of the body. The two most common forms of arthritis are osteoarthritis and
rheumatoid arthritis.

The best prevention to arthritis is not to put undue stress to the joints.
This means having the proper warm-up routines before exercising, taking periods
of rest when engaging in physically stressful work, and relaxing
the joints by stretching and exercising the joints, especially when taking
long car or plane rides. Daily exercise is also recommended as a preventive
measure for arthritis. you can take supplements also for arthritis joint supplements- 


I am a PT.  First, at the sign of any symptoms, start applying ice to help minimize inflammation.  Doing strengthening exercises for your hands and wrists can help ward off symptoms.  And, watching your posture and hand positions, especially with playing instruments is important. 

For more information about hand pain and arthritis, visit:


Hope this helps.   



thanks so much, one of my weeknesses is definitely my posture, i will work on that and try to keep my hands in good shape!

thanks for your help!

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