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Practice Makes Perfect

Posted Jan 12 2010 4:52am
Our oldest grandson has been staying with us for over a week now and we don't know how long he will still be with us. That does not really matter, because it is a treat to have him around; he is practically always in a good mood. Right now, he is sitting on the floor, playing with a toy and dancing to the beat of the music which it produces.

He likes to try out new things, but only after having observed it long enough to decide whether it is feasible doing or not. When he came here, the knuckles on both his little hands had scabs on them. It so turned out he got a hold of his Daddy's skateboard, got on it and had fallen off. I don't think it was one of the longboard skateboards, but it could well be since his Daddy has several.

Each time we washed our little critters' hands he would remind us to be careful by pointing out that they had 'bobo', as he calls it. I am glad his hands healed up pretty quick, although I don't think that hurting himself will prevent him from getting on a skateboard again in the future. That is okay; practice makes perfect.

I just hope he will be more careful next time!
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