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Please help me with this joint problem i dont know whats wrong with me.

Posted by babygirlvarvil

 Ok so it started with my severe pain in my right shoulder. I thought maybe it was from biking and swiming so much but i have always been very active. But of course it couldnt be something as simple as muscle pain (no that would be much to easy to deal with) i went to bed after taking advil and eventually cried myself to sleep from pain. The next morning i woke up with my other shoulder and knees hurting very bad so i popped in some more advil and dragged through the day feeling horible, then once again cried myself to sleep. The third day of this hell inside of me was even worse, my neck and anles were so stiff i could barely get out of bed.... so every morning i wake up with a new pain and evey night all the pains are seriously intensified heres the kicker! I figured some wierdo severe case of arthritis but i am only 15 and i have always been VERY active...all these things just sudenly appeared i did not fall i was not hit... nothing had happened to me and i all of a sudden have terrible pain throughout my body...please help me.
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