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party Cheap Beats By Dre presidential candidate has piao hui and the Democratic

Posted Dec 18 2012 8:16am

Distance South Korea eighteenth presidential election there are only the last two days, the new party Cheap Beats By Dre presidential candidate has piao hui and the Democratic Party candidate in human identity Yin 17 in the capital circle's most densely populated areas concentrated lobbying, the final for war.

In the 16 at the last television debate, two major candidates launched a heated debate, and in the capital circle region of voters accounted for nearly half of the whole voters, and from all kinds of poll to see, swing voters most, therefore in the capital is expected to JuanJiang will stage a fierce campaign.

Piao hui has the morning will be great in gyeonggi province ShuangLongDong lobbying, afternoon before concentration in incheon, gyeonggi-do and other seven areas concentrated lobbying. In the morning, when BaiFan memorial in Seoul to participate in "in order to regime alternation and new political flood national declaration" activities, RuYiDao post office in Seoul before lobbying, and after an pu party office held a press conference, and then went to the incheon, kingburg city, yongin city gyeonggi-do areas concentrated lobbying campaign.

On the other hand, South Korea's national intelligence school female employees suspected of illegal election campaign, carries on the investigation results, and finally a TV debate. The result will be influence for the main variable final war. South Korean police 16 middle published the results of the survey, didn't find the staff members in the online defamation text in Yin traces.

President barack Obama beats by dre cheap is happening in the primary school shootings in speech, he condemned the nature is very bad shooting, says the slayer's behavior like "evil", and to mourn the victims family.

According to reports, Obama is part of Connecticut new town sandy hooker primary school held a ceremony of mourning speech. He said, "I came here, bring the whole country for your love and prayer, new part of town, you are not alone. We are here together for twenty beautiful children, six outstanding adults condolences, when danger comes here, the school staff no retreat, no hesitation, new everybody, you are an inspiration to us."

In the speech, Obama with a bible as the beginning of the words: "don't lose confidence, our external increasingly weak, our heart is strong."

Local time, 14,, the United States Connecticut undergo malignant shooting, twenty years old man Adam gadahn, lanza carrying rifle in a primary school in crazy sprays, altogether to twenty young children were killed and another six adults were killed, the murderer himself finally.

Japan's liberal Democratic Party in the house election victory won, the party President shinzo Abe 17 at the social networking sites, says thanks in everyone's support, made "back Japan's first step".

Mr Abe stressed that the real the battle has just begun. If the future doesn't have "result", people of the LDP and I support and trust will disappear instantly. He also said it will continue to work hard cash campaign in the program of economic, security and other areas of commitment.

Japan the 46th house election 16 in the vote counting. The LDP and new komeito won seats total more than 320 seats, a landslide victory, renders the LDP will again to take the post of prime minister shinzo Abe. Since both parties and joint regime is about to start.

Japan 29 years old music teacher sea long you treasure of a violin in 3 month and a half ago stolen. Sea long you worried over, in addition to alarm, but also on the Internet users please help find, have never thought really depend on the power of the web, find the beloved violin.

The Aegean sea long hui is a 1883 made in France violin, on August 26 evening by people from the car cheap dr dre beats stolen. Stolen on the same night, the sea cry all night, but the next day, she decided to get back the violin and fighting. In addition to release through social network information related to the outside, sea also made more than 20000 copies in the concert hall and Japan all music university and other hundreds of place to post.

Three and a half months, a newspaper received sea the harp, and on it was a letter, he writes, "can't has revealed he is how to get the music, but still want cheap dre beats to come home to roost". Sea that news, be overjoyed, besides excited take back his violin, but also said that, to put all the leaflet recovery, also want to in the network has announced the news back.

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