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Parker miss the spurs the SUNS time section 25-4 a wave flow get game

Posted Feb 26 2013 3:37am
Although without parker, but the spurs early in the second quarter or hit a wave flow, 25-4 after the high tide, we keep the lead, and ultimately away to a 97-87 win over the sun, won the western conference and western the last one between the beginning and the end of the battle, at the same time to the sun and winning streak. The specific the score is: 19 to 21, 35-19 to 21, 12-26 (SAN Antonio in the first). Cheap Nike Air Max 2011 SAN Antonio's Tim Duncan 10 points, Leonard 16 points and nine rebounds, three steals, d.d., 14 points, bench dior 12 points, ginobili 12 points and five assists, Patrick mills 16 points, the team 6 people in double. The sun's gerben Tate 21 points and 12 rebounds, scola 15 points, Della krstajic 10 points, 11 assists. The sun a 6-2 lead, Duncan and green to catch up with and flat, and the sun to get four points after the pause. The SAN Antonio spurs early early into the rotation, ginobili and the sun will be out of the old dior, dior scored four points, the spurs 16 - and win. Then on the see-saw, in the final half minutes score or and flat. MaJiFu - morris in the last 3 seconds shooting, the sun and the end of the first quarter ahead. The SAN Antonio spurs powerful bench began to atone, mills 3-pointers, ginobili scored five points, mills three points outside line and all made a foul in the penalty, Jackson added a 3-pointer, this wave 14-0 after the spurs lead to 12 points. The sun scored 3 points, but the spurs another 11-1 high tide, two wave add up to 25-4. 4 minutes after the sun will no longer slide, but points difference no after nearly into halftime lead the SAN Antonio spurs 54-14 points. Green hit 3-pointers, scola made two free throws to retaliate, kolo jumper, Della krstajic also hit 3-pointers, points difference has been 15 points to fluctuate. O 'neal 2 + 1, du Delhi 2 + 1, gerben Tate and MaJiFu - morris began to score, the sun gradually start potential, once to a 61-72 back to only 11 points. Nike Air Max 2011 Mens But the last 68 seconds the spurs in dior and manu ginobili led scored 6 points open again, going into the final quarter of 61-78, the sun behind by 17 points. Dior and mills to help lead the SAN Antonio spurs to twenty points, MaJiFu - morris 2 penalty 1 jumper, Duncan scored two points, the SAN Antonio spurs 84-63 lead 21 points. Della krstajic to lead the sun began to run after, a wave of eight - 0 after they left only 13 points. Green 3-pointers, Duncan stand continuous score, the SAN Antonio spurs kept a double-digit lead, in the final fifty seconds is a 97-81 lead. Finally the SAN Antonio spurs 97-87 made game.In this, the highest score in the rockets players is still haddon, he cast his and 10, got 27 points and 4 rebounds and six assists. But another key person LinShuHao performance, but fair. He turned out in 26 minutes, only 2 the nine shots in the first half, but also didn't get a point. One of the reasons for the low apparent, he caught a cold. However, after the game the interview, LinShuHao doesn't let an excuse. "I should have played better, this should be able to help the team and play more than five points and six assists better performance. In the first world war with thunder cut 29 points, the last two games, he were only 9 points and 5 respectively. Nike Air Max 2011 Womens Although it has been getting used to him is still not stable performance, but as he said, he should be able to play better. In the past and games, the averaged 12.8 points, 6.2 assists, performance has been proved in today such a rockets, LinShuHao although is not true copy of last year the "Lin crazy", but he is evolving into a can in the future years in the NBA player. But this season, he needs for the rockets to the top eight, the playoffs do more. For the playoffs, LinShuHao full of expectation: "I think we are very hopeful to the playoffs, because there had been no who really had this kind of look forward to, we were not even know they want to look forward to something."The rockets had slipped to 31 - and negative, still have three games to the west 9 wins advantage. It is enough to make before the beginning of this season, the prediction on the west in the bottom of experts shame. But yesterday the battle, from a record to be reversed, and also as a negative materials, enough to let the rockets alert. In the competition anomaly cruel west, to ensure that live the present western eighth, complete the playoffs goal, in the rest of the 24 games left in the season, the rockets still have to make the mind of an extremely to, there can be no relaxation. Last season, is their third consecutive, and at the same time, since 2000 the fifth time, losing more than fifty percent but not can enter into the playoffs. Now, they also face the lakers in the second plan which will bring great pressure. The rockets last week finished a great deal, but the reinforcing effect is still unknown. "The team a total of nine rotation list, now suddenly walked three, we lost a third team. The team will be of great change." Coach McHale said. And because the team to go out to play on the road back to back, make new and old players adjust, have to wait until the local time on Monday to start with. "Usually I need to look at how the players to play, and then decide what kind of role assigned to him." Nike Air Max 2009 Considering at the beginning of the season the rockets showed the characteristics of the break-in speed too slow, even though the deal does not relate to the core players, but still need a long time to see whether the deal effectively, especially 21 power forward, and last year's 5 rookie Thomas Robinson's arrival, whether can significantly strengthen the rockets to the playoffs tickets for dynamics, remains to be seen.
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