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Parasite Cleanse!

Posted Sep 22 2009 11:20am

Here is a question for you:

Is my immune system is attacking the cells in my joints, causing them to swell and deform, or is it attacking something in the cells of my joints?? Not many people with Rheumatoid arthritis bother to ask this question and it kills me!!! I want everyone with rheumatoid arthritis and any other autoimmune disease to ask this question and then remember that the body is always working towards health…trying to remove harmful substances and bring the body to equilibrium. Remember how your cut turns into a scab and then the scab falls off and you have fresh, new skin underneath? Well, that is your body healing. Why does your immune system attack your joint cells? Is it because the cells are healthy and your immune system is wrong, or is it that your cells are sick and are full of some toxic substance that your immune system is desperately trying to remove from the body? You tell me what you think.

I’ll tell you what I think. I’m sure as hell not going to stop until I find out the answer to that question. These days there are many things that can make a cell sick: heavy metal toxicity, candida infection, pesticide exposure, excess food causing intestinal blockage, and others, but today I’m focusing on one of them: parasites.

Parasites are small organisms, worms, or bacteria, whatever you want to call them, that live in your body and benefit from living inside of you but which do harm to your body. There are billions of good bacteria inside your body that are vital to good health. You’ve seen the “activia” advertisements, you know about probiotics, and I don’t need to tell you that people are deficient in these essential organisms due to chlorine in our water supply, the widespread use of antibiotics, and the standard American diet (SAD). These organisms work with our immune system to protect our bodies from becoming host to organisms that are not beneficial to our bodies. So, if we don’t have a good balance in our gut, the bad bacteria will take over. I am not trying to scare you. It is a matter of fact. Parasites like hookworms are more common than you think and can get into our bodies through raw vegetables, our pets, the dirt outside, coming into contact with someone who is infected, etc. Many parasites will live in the human body, live off of our food and our tissue, and lay eggs in places like our skin, intestines and organs. They can “steal” our nutrients, block our intestines, cut through tissue, damage our arteries leading to plaque buildup, and leave other toxins in their wake.

Over the past two years I’ve collected a number of health care practitioners such as chiropractors, nutritionists, a kinesiologist, a dentist, and colon hydro-therapist, and a Reiki master to help me find a cure for my JRA, and they all have said they support the use of parasite cleanses and three of them have explicitly advised me to undergo a parasite cleanse to make sure that some of my symptoms aren’t related to a parasite infection. I’ve even come across several doctors in my research who believe juvenile rheumatoid arthritis is an infection of either candida or another parasite. My symptoms that make me suspicious of an infection are a rash that appears like a fungus growth on my skin (it is red and radiates outward in a fungus-like manner), excess mucous and coughing, and really, really serious digestive issues: constant gas and bloating and constipation. Oh, and joint inflammation and pain. Is my immune system is attacking my joints, or is it attacking something in the cells of my joints?? Remember, parasites can live in your blood and tissues-can they live in your joints? Can they lay their eggs in there? Or can the body store the waste product and toxic buildup from the parasites and from fighting the parasites that it can’t deal with into the joints? Whatever it is, I need to get my body into optimum health in order to fully heal, and it won’t get there without a parasite cleanse, whether it’s the cause or not.

For more information, read "Colon Health," by Dr. Norman W. Walker

The parasite cleanse I am doing was developed by my colon hydro-therapist who has a background in nutrition and natural medicine. Here is the protocol:

Before Breakfast:
Black Walnut Tincture: 25 drops in water or under tongue
Castor oil by Nutritional Counselors of America: 4-6 caps (depending on weight)

10-15 mins later:
'K-min' by Nutritional Counselors of America: 3 caps
'6-N-1' by Nutritional Counselors of America: 4-6 caps

Before lunch: take the Walnut Tincture again

Before Bed: repeat supplement routine from 'Before Breakfast"

You must avoid refined carbs, sugar, too much fruit, and moldy foods during the cleanse, much like the anti-candida diet.

So far I’ve had gas, but that’s typical for me. I’ve had better, bulkier stools, which is probably due to the psyllium in the caps.

The cleanse goes for 45 days, longer if necessary. We’ll see how it goes! I'm off to take some more k-min caps.

Next post: all the delicious, easy-to-digest, healthy, and nutritious food I’m eating! We'll be at the farm this weekend, so I'll take lots of pictures!

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