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Pandora Lane---A Restless Dropping By

Posted Feb 20 2012 5:10am
When Susan came home, she asked her daughter is there someone to drop by? She replied: yes, Huber came here a few hours ago, and she liked your measuring cup very much. Susan began to be nervous. For these days, she is so afraid that evil proof, she afraid someone will found she is firer due to the only clue. When her daughter said Huber is interested in it. She is so confused is there something wrong happening, and she doesn’t know. She doesn’t want anyone to find her secret, especially her neighbors in pandora Lane; she is scared that her neighbors feel humiliated about her and even sacred to be put into prison. With this question, she dropped by Huber, she wants to know if she knows her secret as she thinks. Obviously this is the thing she wouldn’t like anyone to know. She pretends naturally in order to not be discovered if Huber hasn’t known the fact of the fire. She knocked at Huber’s house with muffins she made; Edie came down from upstairs with pandora jewelry magazine. She said hello to Susan. Susan felt so guilty about the fire, so she flushed when she saw the victim. Then she said, is Huber here? Edie said, no, she went shopping, Maybe she in Pandora Jewelry Shop, you know, she wanted pandora bracelets and pandora necklace for a long time, but it’s expensive, she can’t afford it. Almost every time she came back from that Jewelry Shop, she will be sad and depressed. Then Edie looked at Susan, is there something important I need to tell her when she came back? And Susan, behave normally though her heart is beating so fast that she can’t make up good excuse for this dropping by. She said, no, of course not. I just came to study how to make good muffins. You know, Huber is the best muffin maker in Pandora Lane. I just came for study. Then Edie put a piece of muffins Susan brought in her mouse, said, delicious, and very good. You don’t need to study; you are the master of making muffins, then, smiled. Susan, said, thanks. You know, Julie loved the muffins made by Huber very much. So I came here. Then Edie said, the child doesn’t need to be spoiled, do you pay for it if she wants an expensive pandora charms. Listen, Good child needs severe parents. Whatever, when Huber came back I will tell you have been here, and wanted to learn muffins from her. Susan is panic all the time. She said, no, I will come when she came back. You are so kind of you then smiled to her. Edie felt Susan was so weird, it looks like Susan didn’t regard herself as a friend. She thought, maybe Susan mad her because of Mike. She wanted to apologize to her because Mike has been Susan’ boyfriend when she seduced him. After all, about this, she betrayed the friendship between her and Susan.
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