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pain killing medication

Posted by sheibria

Hello I am a 72 yr old woman in terrible pain with arthiritis,  I am taking all kinds of pain killing medication so I can have some comfort and ease from the pain.

The ones I am taking currently are ones with Codeine and I am wondering what the side affects of this are.

Is there anyone who can give me this kind of info.

Many thanks  Sheila

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Have you tried exercise as a treatment for your Arthritis?  For osteoarthritis exercise is the number 1 treatment.

I work for a marketing company that is actually working with the Arthritis Foundation and the Ad council to make OA sufferers more aware that staying active is the best way to prevent/treat OA associated joint pain.

There is a great site here:

That has some great PSA's about the prevention and treatment of OA pain. 


I am a physical therapist. I agree that exercise is of great benefit.  Consider a water exercise class.  And, for consistent pain, try utilizing ice (not heat!).  Apply ice for 10 minutes at a time a few times a day.  And, talk with your doctor about anti-inflammatory medication as arthritis is an inflammatory disease. 

For information about water exercise, visit:

 Hope this helps.


  1. Eating protein helps to cure arthritis.
  2. Sea water helps to relieve stiffness and pain in joints. The Iodine in the salt water helps to balance PH level in the body.
  3. Drinking water stores in copper content helps to strengthen bones for the arthritis patients.
  4. Calcium supplements helps to strengthen bones and muscles.
  5. Garlic and Ginger helps to reduce the pain in the joints but we need to consume less than 50gms.


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