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Pain in the Thumb/Wrist

Posted by Susan

Around a year ago I hurt my thumb/wrist on my right hand. (I am right handed) by pulling something towards me. It felt sharp. It would go away. Every so often I would feel the pain again. Recently I began to notice that I could not hold a cup or kettle. (Not all the time.) Turning the door latch, doing things that require pinching or turning. ie winding up a small clock.

The pain is mostly deep inside the fleshy part of my thumb. I cannot push things away otherwise it really hurts.Likewise if someone was to take my hand and thus push this part in towards my fingers. There is also pain at the front of the hand at the base of the thumb if touched. I can make a fist and rotate to the pinkie without any pain. Pushing the thumb up or out hurts but not pushing down or across the hand.

There is also a stiffness. If the thumb is rotated sometimes there is a crunching sound and pain.The fleshy part of the thumb is swollen and hard,


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