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Owen 32 points three points off kill the Toronto raptors knight reversal 11 points to meet three winning streak

Posted Jan 30 2013 1:51am
The NBA regular season guild wars 10 games, including Cleveland with Owen last moments dead three points behind, in one 11 points in a 99-98 successful reversal of the Toronto raptors celebrate winning three, Owen scored 32 points in the fourth quarter contribution 12 points. Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 Four score (raptors before) : - 26, 27-25, twenty - 25, 33-23. Raptors: DE rosanne 15 points, Johnson and points and 12 rebounds, Davis 16 points and nine rebounds, Anderson 17 points. The cavaliers: Owen 32 points and five assists, Thompson 14 points and eight rebounds, Bates, 17 points. Two teams at the first engagement, the raptors have away win victory. This opening, DE rosanne feel hot burning, he cut down 12 points, lead the raptors first quarter with a 26 - and lead the cavaliers. In the second quarter, the Toronto raptors hit a wave of 6-1 small high tide, will take the lead to 11 points. Critical moment, substitute, Bates led the cavaliers retaliate a wave of eight - 2 small high tide, the points gap down for 5 minutes, plus "the no. 1 pick" Owen feel recovery, this section contribution of eight points. Half-time, the cavaliers to tie the game to 46 - fifty. The third quarter, the cavaliers despite the clenched, but home operations raptors by Johnson played in three points, the points difference expand into eight points, this time Owen hit a record three points after a wave of retaliation, 7-3 small high tide. This section in the last 3 minutes, raptors substitute Alan Nike Air Max 2012 Mens Anderson become Jones, his contribution six points, help raptors three ZhanBa to a 75-66 lead the cavaliers nine points. The fourth quarter, Bates, and Egypt's spirit led the cavaliers substitute hit a wave of 14-4 small high tide, was left to carry for 80-79. Since then, Ross's 3-pointer with stable living situation, although small contributed 12 points Owen help cavaliers once will take the lead for 5 points, but the Toronto raptors retaliate a wave of 6-0. The final 12.9 seconds, the Toronto raptors to a 98-96 lead, then Owen game-winning hit three points, help the cavaliers turn a 99-98 the Toronto raptors, celebrate winning three.Nai Smith is the inventor of the basketball. In August 1936, nai Smith at the Berlin Olympics, has been awarded the international basketball federation honorary chairman. In 1959, nai Smith basketball hall of fame in Massachusetts springfield college set up. Hall of fame is essentially a open basketball museum, inside the main display items, including basketball, graphic, video tapes, videos, disks, etc material. Because of its special position, make visitors in an endless stream. Hall of fame have indoor small basketball court to give visitors experience atmosphere, and small theater to play basketball video material, of course, there are a one of the photos and pictures on the edge of the introductory text, pictures of the characters is people mouth "hall of famer". Nike Air Max 2012 Womens The rockets at home against the nets. Three quarters ZhanBa, the rockets 89-80 lead opponent. Deron had 25 points and 10 assists, haddon twenty points and five assists, Lin hao book 6 points 6 assists. O start made layup, deron strong process retaliation, LinShuHao long shot at two points, then by Williams steals, parsons left three-pointer hollow access, the rockets 5-4 start. Deron big open season has been declared the visiting team scored the first nine points, again - conveniently. Haddon assists made o anger button inroads, patterson dunks play three points success, 10-9. Haddon scored four points, Joe - Johnson and deron has hit the three points, haddon even send two assists, and then personally layup for 3 division of the hand, two points of the fifty seconds long shot, the rockets firmly occupy initiative. Deron long shot again, the nets equaliser. Smith made two free throws, deron buzzer again three points in the first quarter, the nets 29 - and lead. Morris hit three points, Smith shot-blocking icing on the cake, the rockets 7-0 attack wave again -. Deron injury, the rockets morale high, seize the opportunity with 14-2 attack wave, too, will be advantage to expand and points. Nike Air Max 2011 Deron to debut assists Watson's 3-pointer, who scored eight points, LinShuHao clever layup inroads, pass haddon floor three points and with color, leading the 15 points. The nets retaliation 6-0 small high tide, the points gap down to singly. LinShuHao layup hit, then by capping and blown offensive fouls, haddon two free throws in the first half, the rockets leading 62-49. Turn to war, deron even send two assists, Wallace scored seven points, Johnson jump shots, and in the nets and kickbacks. LinShuHao layup again, has made o assists and parsons hit 5 points, the rockets hit 8-0 attack wave, will extend the lead to twenty points. Tenacious basket network continue to rally, in his back led a 10-1 small high tide, 70 -, - 81. 2 o 4 penalty made, Johnson and bogans has hit the three points, points difference again into singly. Haddon assists morris layup inroads, and then the two free throws, deron 6.5 seconds to play plate into the basket, the rockets to nine points lead into the nonessentials for.The wizards at home to a 86-73 victory over the bulls. With the win, the wizards end not only the bull three winning streak, and ushered in the home a five-game winning streak. The graph is the moment of game.
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