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Osteoarthritis - A daughter's perspective

Posted Sep 01 2011 8:34am

I was devastated the other day when I saw my loving mother on the couch shrieking her heart out. She just couldn’t move her leg, let alone walk. As I am such a doting daughter, I rushed her to our family doctor. She suffered a terrible flare up of osteoarthritis in her knees and her fingers became stiff as a board. I have grown up watching my mom really suffer with osteoarthritis in her knees but especially in her hands. I saw her struggle daily to do the most inane chores such as lifting a pan, combing my hair, or even turning a doorknob would cause her such immense pain. As I grew older, I began to notice that her hands were becoming more and more bent out of shape as well as the pain in her knees go from mild to excruciating.


However, the doctor administered treatment and she’s now better, for some more days or should I say till the next time she gets that horrible pain.


What is Arthritis basically? It is inflammation of one or more joints. There are about 100 different types of arthritis. Arthritis is caused due to the breakdown of cartilage. A cartilage shields a joint, allowing it to move effortlessly while absorbing the shock a joint feels when pressue is placed on it. In the absence of the normal amount of cartilage, the bones rub together, causing pain, inflammation and soreness.


Arthritis may occur in men and women. The most common one however, is Osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs in the body’s joints when the cartilage gets worn out and causes spurs to  grow out from the edge of the bone.  Also is caused by the increase of synovial fluid, that lubricates or greases the joint. Overall, the joint feels stiff and sore. As for the pain, It usually develops slowly, starting off as a dull throb in the joints, then after any physical activity or work it will then begin to become unbearable. Of course after passage of time, it becomes more persistent causing the pain to be long lasting. The most common joints where osteoarthritis develops are the hands, knees, hips, and spine.

Even though osteoarthritis is more widespread in older people, younger people can develop it – usually as the result of a joint injury, a joint malformation, or a genetic defect in joint cartilage. Both men and women have the disease. Before age 45, more men than women have osteoarthritis; after age 45, it is more frequent in women. It is also more expected to occur in people who are overweight and in those who have nerve-racking jobs that stress particular joints.

So if you are one of those stricken by this painful ailment look out for professional care and advice. Many people are permanently on drugs to help them to keep symptoms to a minimum and for pain relief. For the remedy of osteoarthritis, joint pain relief, and backache relief stimulated by arthritis caused by aging or injury, the most competent treatment has found to be collagen. This is because collagen is the main component of our body’s connective tissue. Due to advancements in technology it is possible to consume a stable form of collagen in a capsule orally instead of getting it injected to cure osteoarthritis and backache relief.




Collagen must be taken daily to experience considerable relief from arthritis, osteoarthritis, backaches or joint pains and to experience the slow up aging process while gaining more mobility and strength. Collagen comprises 75% of bodily proteins. Collagen can be taken by anyone including pets. It would be intricate for a person’s 40% of organs, 80% of skin, 70% of joints, or the 30% of the whole body to work without collagen. Collagen is free from any fats, carbohydrates or preservatives and made up of water, amino acids, and minerals. Collagen has not shown any reaction with any drug or food and food ingredients and it is free from any side effects.

Weight control is another factor in treating osteoarthritis by lessening stress on weight-bearing joints, your diet and consuming healthy of it plays a pivotal role in limiting the effects of injury to the joints and enables increased mobility. Arthritis is all about swelling joints so choosing foods that naturally diminish or stall swelling is a great thing. It just means you should be including foods that have lots of vitamins and fiber in them, such as leafy green vegetables and also eating whole grains.

Massage is something that enables to keep the body supple and attends to joint issues too. Heated massage is also great for arthritis. In fact a good massage helps my mom to ward away spasms in the joints. Talk to a massage therapist who can explain how he or she can help. You could also go swimming regularly.  This a great form of exercise, which would help you exercise all your joints at the same time.

There are also many options to combat pain relief, such as apple cider vinegar and honey. If this is taken regularly, it can really help relieve arthritic pain.

So don’t be scared of the demon aka osteoarthritis, but fight it.

Shelly is a freelance writer with varied interests. She writes for Home Owners Insurance among other sites.

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