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or Korean chess enthusiast

Posted Mar 04 2013 6:26am

Since March 4 the teenager Fan Ting Yu in Shanghai

challenges HAN Guo-qiang just swagger NongXinBei, Hao Pu Tinghuan, the winner will become the youngest Cup main Ying Shibei

history is undoubtedly the focus of the World Chess tournament.In Singapore in December last year, the final phase of the current

Ying Shibei war first two games, Fan Ting Yu has played an excellent Excluding Click to defeat a powerful enemy, the upper hand.

Times Bureau, Pu Tinghuan rapid adjustment of status, early seize Fan Ting Yu doubt hand victory gesture equalized. One can accept

the result of the Chinese chess enthusiast, after all, by comparison, Pu Tinghuan more famous after record more brilliant, Fan

Ting Yu is the relative strike "position, to be able to win a Council, to avoid the part of the Chinese chess fan" total defeat

"'s worried.If both sides there trial should hand "means that in the first stage, the second stage into the real life and death

battle, Qijie highest honor and a huge sense of loss will be one or two duelist will make every effort to The situation of the war

will bring, but also to make every chess fan care even worried.Putting Huan: NongXinBei wins, Fu Xi  Misfortune Chinese chess fan

or Korean chess enthusiast, it is estimated that most people will be more that the Pu Tinghuan wins face. Who was in fact cutting

edge "Korea" no less favorable cheap air jordan 9 retro"first person" Li Shishi, and well-contest temper experienced Hao mentality. Particularly

important, he had just reached air jordan 10 retro sale the commanding general of the South Korean team identity NongXinBei game winning streak, to help

the South Korean team won the trophy 11 in perfect while important assessment, harvest more confidence with ultra strong

momentum.The Pu Tinghuan performance NongXinBei buy air jordan 11 online indeed prominent face of China's two first-line strong ho Sheikh and Jiang Weijie,

sharp calm on the board, the board under the low-key and calm, the school of general demeanor,

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