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only sacrificing UGG Sheepskin Cuff 1875 a princess

Posted Nov 22 2012 2:39am

Z Dai thinks that their 2 people unexpectedly for the sake of only of a destitute woman but ended life!Is like to give up watermelon but pick up sesame, really fail UGG Mocha Tall Boots 5163 to recognize the larger issue!Elephant they brains like this necessarily difficult Chengkong University matter! Since and not madam and small pings all died, so, save 100 help of big term fall at they body up.The Z Dai has to heavily consider.She decides is small and soft to study tall Lian of favour, fight for finding out to break, give bait of beautiful woman again, take down Gao Lian. Hence, the Z Dai bribes some maid - in - waitings, possibly pry the circumstance of the high Lian.At the same time, she still secretly purchased some officially banned books and checked some women that the folks spreads to confuse the man's bitchy Shus. At the same time, she is still dark to make a firm decision, if use bait of beautiful woman not to become, she risks death to left for to assassinate Gao Lian. Lie on the cloud Xi in the room inside the main temple to finally become sober.Though the maid - in - waitings infused to in great quantities come to caudle to her, she still felt that the thirsty tongue is dry, drank a lot of water. After finishing drinking water, she is on all sides conjecture for a while, just discover Long Chuang that oneself lies on the his majesty on.She feels very surprised, in the brains the act that the quick flash across drinks poison wine by himself/herself. Oneself clearly finishes drinking that poisonous wine!Oneself why not only didn't die, but also lie at Long Chuang of the his majesty up? Somehow or other, cloud Xi sees this dragon bed and thinks of that blood stain in brain.She ambiguously feels Lian a king love already she.However, in addition to that stand blood stain, her but again didn't recall any detail.She thinks that probably that stand blood stain basically isn't what oneself leaves, but Lian the king get hurt gore vestige.But, the Lian king is the empress' noodles to admit him love already he! Yun Xi feels very depressed, a kind of unspeakable taste blocks up at chest up.Is all this blamed small Ping, display what damned sorcery Gu Shu, harm she not only lost a chastity, but also sank in to skate over thin ice of embarrassed territory ground! Hate around, cloud Xi feels 100 countries of benefits mutually the adult being also pretty hateful.100 benefit want to keep on existing, can chaste this road only sacrificing UGG Sheepskin Cuff 1875 a princess walk? 100 peace or chaoses of benefits and Lian Ugg Mayfaire Boots 5116 the king's effort!The part is oneself Chi fan of lover, part is and her blood mutually the tribe of .Both have already sunk into water and scorching fire old grudge, the all very anxious to other party dies!But all these quarrel, it happened that fell cloud of in the shoulder of Xi, she bloodily faces and solves. Face to force upon heart of you die the war and old grudge that I live, face the steaming hot love of oneself's heart deep place, cloud Xi mind and body is exhausted, doubly is endured long hardship.She feels still rather a die it.She even has some to start to put blame dfhjmdfhjvbfj on Lian a king, why does he give her false poison wine? When cloud Xi wakes up, Zheng Su also wide awoke to come over from the mentally dense of Meng hazy Long.He whole body have no dint, the elephant collapsed generally. Ji princess Ya has been anxiously staying and waiting by the side of Zheng Su's body and sees him finally wide awake to come over, unexpectedly too agitated and tearful. However, after Zheng Su wakes up, the first words are anxiously unexpectedly the circumstances of pry cloud Xi:"Cloud Xi how?She how?" Zheng Su's words immediately make the Lian king's in the mind feeling very uncomfortable. Ji princess Ya sees Zheng Su look about everywhere and be eager to the whereabouts that knows cloud Xi.He isn't and quickly that anxious appearance, let her in the mind suddenly brush past a silk.Even she all feels strange by herself, though she is a good friend with cloud Xi, however Zheng Su thus remember cloud Xi, suddenly livinged her in the mind several silk discomforts and Ji to hate. "Zheng Ai Qing, you finally waked up!"The Lian king not and tightly and not and slowly says, " you can chase Ji princess Ya is urgently bad!" "What's the matter with me?"Zheng Su's one is vacant, he foolishly looking at Ji princess Ya, he where after remembering the Gu in he of affair? Ji princess Ya wiped tears with the silk towel and said with a smile:"Can you really could not remembered?You won sorcery Gu Shu, the in that manner frightenned a person so much!This temple is very a misgiving, keep on fearing the general such mentally dense so much!Like like, everythings all passed by and wide awoke good!" "Ji friendship, the few person wants to discuss with Zheng Ai Qing, you and return to temple to stop for rest behind go to!"The Lian king says. "The imperial palace such important event happened, this temple knew the emperor elder brother is in the heart puzzle too much, though inquire general.General the body is weak, ask an emperor elder brother to permit this temple to stay to look after him here at this time."Ji princess Ya doesn't intend to leave. "If the Ji friendship, I unimportant of, listen to his majesty, after going to temple!"Zheng Su clapped to clap the Ji princess Ya's hand, the soft voice ground said. Ji princess Ya tooks a look Zheng Su, and then tooks a look a Lian king and very and with reluctance exceeded to open step son.Arrive at a front door, Ji princess Ya stopped dead.She acts in pettish say:"Emperor elder brother, I husband over the complete whole ground left and asked an emperor elder brother to like to living to nurse him for the younger sister.Such as if he without a sweat hair, this temple settles not depend on not Rao!"
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