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nike blazer mid vintage biographical similar

Posted Mar 30 2013 6:53am


Although age are still gaps, when he was 53-year-old Lou Jiwei has and Zhou Xiaochuan  nike blazer mid vintage    biographical similar are the of Zhu Rongji era of market economy reform one of the designer of the system. Rose from the ranks not only bring his straightforward style, almost stubborn insistence more. Full of "market economy" and "pragmatic action" when his value system, he was more like the "spirit of the contract," the preacher Thus, the Alumni Association gave him a nickname - "Deed Mr. . " To contract the core elements of the market economy has become so heavy with Lou Jiwei, life experiences and grow biographical related. Lou Jiwei, born in 1950, rose from the ranks, first a sailor. The Cultural Revolution being demobilized, the Beijing Shougang workers. Although he was big, but that does not make him too much association and their own work in Shougang. Shougang, he worked in the electrical control room.


This work in  nike blazer low vintage    the restoration of the college entrance examination, he chose Tsinghua University 's computer professional, good engineering education in that era makes Lou Jiwei Academy of Social Sciences, studying economics in the future, do not have any tools obstacle.


Since 1984, he served as a Senior Staff Member of the General Office of the State Council Research Office financial group, the deputy head of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance supplies economic cost price chamber Director and other staff. In the meantime, Lou Jiwei Zhu Rongji when he was deputy director of the National Economic Council, found and he appreciated. Shortly after Zhu Rongji as Shanghai Mayor Lou Jiwei was appointed deputy director of the Shanghai Economic Restructuring Office. "First of all, I do not tend to the foreign exchange reserves of funds for social insurance funds, foreign exchange reserves cost funds, the central bank's balance sheet side as an asset, while the corresponding liabilities cost, to the social security fund to invest in income must cover the cost of social security funds. assumed to not do the same? may also want subsidies inside the National Social Security Fund, and we feel that the risk is too great. "Lou Jiwei said when answering questions at the China Development Forum.



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