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NBA announced on October overseas schedule the mighty men of war to the Beijing station

Posted Mar 06 2013 2:47am
The NBA announced the 2013-2014 season pre-season schedule international series, October this year there will be eight teams in six countries against eight games. Among them, in China has high popularity and warriors of the lakers will respectively in Beijing and Shanghai are two games showdown. Have LinShuHao rocket will Nike Air Foamposite One and the pacers clash in the Philippines and Taipei. Commissioner David stern said: "the NBA has been committed to worldwide popularity and development of basketball sports, for the fans to provide authentic NBA experience is our top priority. This autumn, the league has nearly a third of the team to participate in the international series, and share the wonderful basketball fans." This year's international exhibition series by thunder began the season opener, on October 5,, they will be in Turkey Istanbul against the five Turkish championship charge inside the optimal Bach. On October 6, 76 people will be in Spain's bilbao and bilbao black snow angstrom team meeting. October 8, thunder and 76 people will move in Manchester, England, a bout. Then, the NBA will open Asia trip. Have LinShuHao, James haddon rockets will be held on October 10, Manila in the Philippines to play a game, then October 13,, they will move the Taipei arena, the second war. And in Penny Hardaway Shoes October 12,, the bull and the wizards in Rio DE janeiro will play a game. Bilbao, Manchester two cities and the Philippines, Brazil two countries are the first NBA. China's two preseason games will be against the stage drama. The lakers and the warriors were on October 15, in Beijing mastercard center, October and day in Shanghai mercedes-benz cultural center for two games. The lakers core kobe Bryant said: "the last time I went to China play is the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the atmosphere vocal. I know Chinese fans really love this game, every summer I will visit China and the fans meeting, now I can't wait to go to Beijing and Shanghai, again for my fans spectacular game." Warriors guard Stephen Treasury said: "I know that China has the most passionate fans, come to China game let me excited. We are looking forward to experience the enthusiasm of the fans, for all of us in the confrontation wonderful, have the opportunity to interact with the Chinese fans." In this period of video, wearing masks, stripped to the waist of the upper part of the body from the depths of this lens slowly come out, "Mr Dealing" on Nike Air Foamposite Pro the camera after a burst of disorderly jump, then pretend to pull down the Denver prick silk dance of the show. Just in the all-star game players new cut a dash in the method with Ed "ghost mask" from the depths of a burst of disorderly crowd jumped to the front. And has no playing time out of the library, where the ephod easily give up the performance opportunity, with a red wig Greek center, lay on the floor with a boat posture. And height is short Lawson to the mirror, climbed up the fitness equipment of hard rock body, trying to attract people's attention. According to the American one video website statistics, this article video only half of the time, has broken all daily. Haring wave is spread in the NBA. Recently, there are fans in the push to kobe Bryant's questions, and beckoned him can consider to lead the lakers also come to a. But by the "xia" refusal. When talking about haring wave, the lakers star made it clear that: "no! If I can't dance at the end of Cheap Air Foamposite Pro June (means the title after the celebration, so nothing is worth to dance." Or that sentence, in lebron body, what "distance basket as close to the score the more sure" and so on is not accurate, he has been in transforming traditional, like traditional alone. Lebron jump shot 90% focused on 17 feet besides, perimeter and the three point line outside, lebron's was more than 50% and 40% respectively.
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