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My knees are hurting so bad. Only started about 3 week ago.ons?. any suggestions?

Posted by jlbp1995

Knees are so weak and hut when I walk and ankles and legs swell.  I also have had heart surgery and have herniated discs in back  and neck.


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I am a career law enforcement officer - one of the men in blue.  Despite being leading decent disciplined life, still I was engulfed by “Arthritis” which nearly destroyed my career.  I love what I do, and am not ready for a retirement.  Not only the pain but also the worry of not being able to do my job so disturbed that I couldn’t sleep properly. I never felt such helplessness in my entire life, and I refused to become a slave to painkillers - as I knew their side effects.

I started taking this supplement JOINTNSKNEES , which has been extremely effective for joint pain relief. It has green lipped mussel extract which is supposed to be very good for arthritis.

I would suggest you to go for complete diagnosis as this will help to know where is the exact problem and how you can cure it. Once you will know the root cause of your pain it will be easy for you to get proper treatment. 
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