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My Knee-Caps Have Decided To Say Hello!

Posted Sep 22 2009 11:20am
I have no idea about title-capitalization-etiquette, so I just capitalized everything up there in the title. I think it looks good.

Okay, here's the deal. I've had baker's cysts in both of my knees for two years. Baker's cysts form when there is so much fluid in the knee joint that some of it starts to ooze out and form a cyst behind the knee (to loosely quote my rheumatologist). Anywhooo, I started taking NONI JUICE everyday and the cysts went away within two weeks. After a month, I could climb stairs without holding onto the railing and going sideways, one at a time. The pain was almost gone. ALMOST GONE Whipeeeee!! Now, I can see my knee-caps and it's been two months. There is still some swelling and puss in there, but I can feel bone again!

I am a 21 year old girl who has had fat, un-sexy knees for the larger part of her teenage years and I'd like to be able to show off some nice legs before cellulite and old age set in, please. But, back to the point, my knees are better. I am pleased. I am not exaggerating. Some of the drainage could be due to the lymph drainage massage I had earlier this week, which I also recommend for general good health, but that's besides the point. I had success with noni juice, maybe someone else out there will.

Apparantly, the Asians have used it as an anti-tumor/anti-cyst antioxidant for years. That's all I know. I don't like doing research.

I have not had any improvement in any other joints. My feet still kill me. I can't walk without sneakers and my custom orthotics, so don't think that I'm saying this will cure your RA. I think it's limited to cysts and swelling related to puss. (I know I could say fluid, but I kinda like the word puss. sorry. puss puss puss).

I think you should give this a try if it feels right for you. I say this lightly, because as someone with RA, I know how annoying it is to hear about how something worked for "my husband's grandmother, or my friend's boyfriend's sister." Especially if it's coming from someone without RA. It's like, urrggh why do you know about this and I have RA and I don't even know about it.

My noni juice is made by Genisis Today and I got it from Whole Foods, but you might want to try online if you can't find it there. It is pure Noni Juice, no other fruit juices are added. I am not receiving any money from either of these companies, so please don't think I am have anything but your best health at heart. Just try it if you want...

I did:

1/2 ounce the first morning

1 ounce every morning after that

(if no results after two weeks, increase to two or three ounces)

now I drink up to four ounces and I'm thinking about doing more

I'm not a doctor, I only relay my experience! Good health to everyone!
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