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My dreams of Pandora jewelry

Posted Jan 12 2012 1:54am
Today’s society is much more developed. People living in the modern society are becoming more and more sensitive about jewelries. With the rapid development of globalization and economy, the amount of wealthy people increased very much. pandora is one of the world famous jewelry products, which leads to a great trend in buying this series of jewelries. Walking on the street in big cities, all kinds of purchase in the store may attract your eyes. However, you still can’t reject the charming of pandora bracelets. Its gleaming light is so great, as if it is smiling at you. My first time to devote my heart to Pandora jewelry is on a wedding party of my friend .When the familiar melody came, the bride walked down the stair escorted by her father, wearing beautiful pandora charms. Long brown hair flew down her shoulder; I saw her Pandora necklace is shining which made her look like a fairy. After the party, I beg my friend to show me her Pandora necklace and Pandora charms. I checked the necklace; I was addicted in the pandora beads linked by a golden Pandora chain, surrounded by several pandora silver. I have been putting an eye on Pandora jewelry for so many years since that day. I like it so much that I can’t help searching all kinds of news of it. Pandora, first invented by per Enewoldwen and his wife Winnie in 1982, was heavily welcomed .Pandora chain firstly came out in 2000 to help women to make themselves outstanding among people, and show their positive sides. Pandora helps you make your story unique in forms of pandora can still design your own styles, and match it with other things like beads, pandora necklace, chains and so on .The high quality of Pandora makes it vintage and became biggest and greatest jewelry business. I remember five years ago, I watched my favorite love story in the film Titanic, I was a child then, and I don’t know what love is .what I only know is that tears flow down people’s eyes after the movie. When the ship immerged, jack and rose got on a raft. Jack let rose climb on the raft, lefting himself in the water. They talked for the last chance at the vital time. Jack told rose to live bravely. You jump I jump, is their promise to each other. Eighty-four years is a very long time, what makes jack give his elementary promise? That promise stands for love. This is the classic love story in the bottom of my heart. I will have my girl in the future; my dream is putting a Pandora ring on her finger, and asking her to marry me. How romantic the scene is! This is my pandora chain journey.
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