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My big left toe, is swollen, painful, tingling the toe and then the tingling spreads to the middle toe very painful to stand on

Posted by danielle

 About five months ago my big toe on my left foot became swollen and it was red and bluish looking, you know the color of your toes when your feet are very cold.  I felt a knot in between the ball of my big toe and where my toe actually is able to bend. I thought maybe some how not knowing, maybe I broke my toe. It lasted for about two weeks and finally went away. Well here I am again my toe has the same symptoms but I also  developed sharp shooting tingling pains in my big toe. Not only is the sharp tingling pain in my big toe but the tingling and sharp pains are going from my big toe to my middle toe. The only relief I get is when I elevate my foot. It also feels a little bettter when I put pressure on it. But as soon as you take the pressure off the pain comes back. Do I have the gout?

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