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My arthritis doctor has prescribed leflunomide

Posted by STS

I am also taking cymbalta. Is this dangerous?
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You just might try any number of medicines for the cure but the problem will always come back once you stop to take the medicine.It is better to try natural relief supplements and also some of the natural curative methods for reducing the pain of Arthritis which include herbs, anti inflammatory medicines and a whole lot of fruits. therapies such as Water therapy, physiotherapy, accupressure along with proper diet and regular exercises help in rooting out the Arthritis and its possible effects.In addition to these  natural curative methods, i feel going to a chiropractor for adjustments of the bone,at regular intervals or maybe when he tells you to come back,is another method which a patient of arthritis can adopt to get relief from the excruciating pain,and are able to live a better life.
Just try natural pain relief glucosamine and chondritin sulfate they are most effective supplements for arthritis.
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