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My 4 Health Goals for this Summer

Posted Jul 06 2011 12:09pm
Here are the top 4 things I am going to be focusing
on this summer to optimize my health
1. Eat plenty of hydrating fresh vegetables and
fruits like peaches, cucumbers, tomatoes, herbs,
zucchini, berries, melons, broccoli and cabbage.

2. Get outside in the sunshine and sweat out toxins.
Your skin is your biggest organ and its function is to
absorb nutrients like water and sunlight and excrete
metabolic wastes and environmental toxins like plastic
and heavy metals. Don't be ashamed to let them see you
sweat (I certainly won't be)! This is a natural process
of detoxification that we should not and can not inhibit
if we want to be optimally healthy!

3. Relax and sleep when my body wants to relax and sleep.
I am constantly trying to quiet my mind so that I can
hear what my body is telling me, and lately (maybe it's
all the heat) it has been telling me to slow down and
take a siesta each day. So, that is what I am going to
do. (Even if it means only a quick 5 minutes of quiet
time after lunch.)

4. Restock my body and my bones with minerals and increase
my antioxidant intake. Okay, so maybe that is two things,
but they both fall into the same category of increasing my
nutrient intake. In order to reverse disease you have to
play "catch up" for all those years of being nutrient
deficient, so I am going to be including plenty of super
nutritious foods in my smoothies like bee pollen, maca root
powder, mangosteen rind powder, dulse flakes, hemp seeds,
fulvic acid and pine pollen. I will also be taking a few
extra supplements like japanese knotweed (resveratrol). And
I am participating in the bone broth challenge at . Bone broth is full of collagen to
improve skin and trace minerals to build bone.

You can find resources for these items on my website:
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