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Moreover in the arriving a few several

Posted Sep 25 2013 1:03am
Moreover, in the arriving a few several weeks will be released several projects such as workshops for trainers and referees, as well as Football programs in educational institutions, in order to further improve the advantages of this outstanding event, "said football trainer Eddy Etaeta Cultured.Who will travel to Brazil?Just times before, between 6 and Sept 10, choices from the five major regions will fight to ranking some factors they come a little nearer to the D3 Gold South america 2014 ?. Who will go along with the already certified Asia, Sydney, Iran and the Republic of Korea? The response we know, at the newest, at the end of the last two times of determining, which will be performed from 11 to 15 Oct and from 15 to 19 Nov.And in between, the best categories on the world under 17 will fight to stick UAE World Cup top and so occur to South america on the throne. Groups of FIFA U 17 World Cup sketch will be organised within four several weeks in Abu Dhabi, namely Aug 26.On Dec 6 is another of the times recognizable in red on the overall football calendar: Salvador de Bahia (Brazil) will variety the sketch for the team stage of the FIFA World Cup South america 2014. That's when the 32 participants know their competitors in next seasons Brazil consultation.2014 also is excitingBut before the end of the year 2013 and achieve the christmas year, eight categories have to be able to meet up with his desire announced best group on the world at the FIFA Club World Cup The other agents 2013.

Certainly, the ending to an outstanding year of football.And starving lovers who are thinking and by 2014, quiet: the FIFA World Cup will be the emphasize of a selection that will also have the assistance of the FIFA U 17 and U 20, which is excellent sure will pleasure the most critical palates. The display must go on!The System First Touch of Polished FIFA 14 Sebastian Enrique, one of those accountable for growth of FIFA 14, mentioned to the web page ArabicGamers about some of the features of the new activity, with special focus on one of the most exciting features: first touch program."The First Contact program has been set," confessed Gretchen. "It's something that will proceed in the encounter because we think it's amazing, but we will improve the precision and change the movement of gamers when unblemished, is a large change and we needed to adjust and stability everything.""And we will keep improve all in the last a few several weeks of growth," said the professional, who also guaranteed improvements in actual performance of the gamers to be more precise with his power, durability or stamina of football ball based on their features.
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