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more than ugg style boots a years

Posted Nov 15 2012 7:38am
answer face to face, just say concrete China prosperous high ugg slippers heart of manager in reason Europe in very clear.Photograph inside, the smiling face of Luo Xi is moderate, imitate a Buddha even if withdraw the film that the huge sum in war ensign creates, also unworthy too surprised.Childishness incredibly and so He incredibly will choose to do like this The newspaper slowly drops into from her, didn't hear Jean's boon worries of shout, in her brain one blank, the ear drum bombs to make to ring.Unconsciously take out a cellular phone, press a few numbers, the finger again Jiang lives, matter already go to this returns ability how, the Luo Xi does of thus cut off definitely, even even turn the leeways of Yuan all have no."Summer Mo "Zhen En worries the Mo that the ground in a soft voice calls her, but sees a summer again slowly the dhjkadhuijh handle knob machine put to return to, facial expression from just of the consternation becomes thin quiet as usual, her head leans to chair Zhen and shuts eyes, black of the eyelash lightly vibrate on the pure skin."Why will the Luo Xi do so?"Jean boon doubt the ground ask.The Yin summer Mo is very long silent.However think in Jean's boon that the orotund low low ground that she hears her when can'ting answer is own resounds in the ugg style boots car-"if doing like this can make him happy, that lets it is so."Is happy?The Jean boon in perplexity grasps hair, didn't understand the meaning of this sentence, but the quick and far war ensign affairs next development speed far outran her imagination.Because

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Luo Xi declares to withdraw war ensign to take, the star orders the backstage financial magnate of agent company owner to appear publicly in person and raise to clap a new uggs outlet film world peaceful times for summer.The slice's creation appearance is strong, the manuscript reorganizes to be sold very well several classic literature works of 1,000,000 volumes from the domestic, the director is also the big director of local highest rank, while the amount invested is unexpectedly more even astonishing than the number ofwar ensign .Summer owner revealed, world peaceful times in fact prepared and planned for more than ugg style boots a years, everyone's resources has been completely good enough, just for the sake of will the slice of create into the most perfect effect, they have been aring waiting for the schedule of Luo Xi.As for fight ensign dispute, the summer owner answers reporter, Luo Xi vegetable to is a very respect-work entertainer, they believe that the Luo Xi withdraws war ensign to definitely have its ample reason, and they believe that world peaceful times necessarily will be a very excellent film.Is close behind, the female ofworld peaceful times stars to formally come out, unexpectedly is the diva class of the very popular circle of singers half side sky star-Chen Qiang!"Young master, this is the China prosperous management layer in Europe concerning war ensign meeting mens shoes Ji of affairs want."The west receives to put a document on the office desk of Chen in Europe.Chen in Europe turns over and looking at, the sunlight shines on and has no the face of facial expression at him up, deeply cool cold idea.Slowly etc. don't ugg slippers arrive a response, the west receives to say:"Young master "Chen in Europe didn't lift up head and contemplated to turn over paper page:"Please speak.""Currently circumstance to see, requesting the Luo Xi to stay has been not that possible.But his withdraw to belong to default, can request him the whole loss for compensating to take to result mens shoes in to war ensign .""How is the economic condition of Luo Xi?""Front segment time just once investigated, the Luo Xi is from the advertisement, slice through the years raise, record, notifying to obtain in the fee of the income is very astonishing, and he investment real estate, dress store and dining industry, the business makes it very greatly, the profits requites also very big."A lot of stars invest all other industries, but usually because management few not kind someones can make money, but Luo Xi but imitate a Buddha to with talently go into business taste and just can, short several years, under the Zheng of patrimony already near astronomical figure."If make him compensate the loss of war ensign , how much is the number about?What influence will the amount of money in"Chen in Europe looking at west to receive and listens to him after speaking one piece word and asks, " produce to the economic condition of Luo Xi?""Almost didn't influence."The west received to answer.Chen silent short moment in Europe:"This amount of money from I the private bank account row to the China prosperous company in Europe and invite you to be responsible for handling on the finance appropriate.""Young master!"Being western to receive an is surprised, but the facial expression of young master makes him swallow question and returns to.From the first, the young master is in the behaviour style ofwar ensign affairs greatly differ with usually, it is public affairs to seem to be not, but private gratitude and grudge.
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