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More Moving

Posted Apr 18 2011 9:47am
So this weekend I went to the zoo...and walked...for 1.5 hours! It was the first time in awhile that I've taken such a long walk! I was in pain last night when I got home but this morning I'm back to normal. I am definitely going to be doing more walks for exercise now that I know how far I really can go. And since my yoga teacher will be out of town for this week I am going to commit to doing my yoga dvds at home. I need to start picking up the pace a little, and start practicing every other day at least. So, that's my goal this week. To move my body more! I'm going to get my lymph flowing and my circulation going so that I can get super healthy.

I've been getting a deep tissue massage every week as well. The goal is to break up calcification and get the range of motion back in my wrists, feet and knees. My lymph gets very stagnant because of the lyme disease and the metabolic wasted from the arthritis process, so deep tissue massage from someone trained in lymph drainage is important. It hurt pretty badly the first time, but the 2nd and 3rd were okay. It actually started feeling good the 3rd time. It's going to be a commitment and I'll have to go for a few months at least, but that combined with all the good food choices, supplements to decalcify and replenish, and the movement will all work in synergy.

I have to say that I wouldn't be able to do any of this if it weren't for the very clean, anti-inflammatory diet that I'm on.  I have to avoid grains and sugar or else there is too much pain to do all of this. Also, using super foods like bee pollen, goji beries, spirulina, camu, noni, and vitamin c is helping me with lowering inflammation and having more energy.

Happy Monday!
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