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methotrexate and deflazacort

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I have been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, and I am a bit confused.  I have seen two doctors that do not agree on treatment.  The doctor I trust prescribed:  Methotrexate 7.5 once a week for a month to be raised to 15 mg once a week until further notice, 5 mg of folic acid the day after.  I also have to take deflazacort : 30 mg for 15 days, 15 mg another 15 days and then 7.5 mg until further notice. 220 mg. of Hidroxicloroquina daily.  Acrel, one a week and omeprazol daily.  I was diagnosed in 1981 with sarcoidosis with remission a few months later after taking prednisone.  I s this the best treatment for arthritis?  Could the arthritis  be related to sarcoidosis?  I am afraid to take methorexate and deflazacort at the same time, because of the many side effects.   HELP

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Hi there,

Methotrexate is commonly described to treat arthritis, despite its concerning potential side effects. I don't know about the drug Deflazacort - are you in the UK? It looks like that drug is not available in the U.S., so that's why i am not familiar with it. Methotrexate is usually perscribed in conjunction with other drugs.

You'll find that with a chronic disease, you'll have to weigh the potential side effects of a drug vs. the desire to feel good in the present. It's a tough line to walk.

I have RA, too and one thing I have learned over the years is that I have a say in my treatment, too. Speak your mind with your doctor. If you are uncomfortable taking Methotrexate, then you should tell him/her that you'd like to try a different drug. He/she should be willing to work with you on that.

Hope this helps, I  wish you well.


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