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Melon Basil Smoothie

Posted Aug 11 2011 9:08pm
I'm sitting on my balcony in the sunshine with a decadent summer breeze keeping me

The breeze today is an exception. It has been really hot in Virginia. I am always thinking
about how I can optimize the current season and weather to accelerate my health restoration.
So, this month I am working on getting outside to sweat the toxins out. Through sweat, your
body excretes environmental toxins like plastic molecules, which can disrupt our hormone
receptors and heavy metals like lead and mercury, which we breath in from car exhaust. Also,
I'm eating seasonal fruits and veggies... I know that I harp on this a lot, but it is of vital
importance this time of year. We are sweating more and becoming dehydrated more quickly.
So, nature has provided for us all of these fresh hydrating fruits and vegetables to replenish
our electrolytes and h2O levels.

I am eating watermelon, squash, tomatoes, green beans, peaches, leafy greens, blackberries and cucumber at every meal. The easiest way to get 3-4 servings of fruits and veggies in one meal is through a smoothie. And, just in time for all of the ripening melons and the prolific basil, I have made a delicious discovery: The Melon Basil Smoothie!

Here is the recipe
Melon Basil Smoothie
1/6 of a cantaloupe
a large handful of frozen strawberries
a small handful of leafy greens
a large handful of basil leaves
a spoonful of
a pinch of and a dash of
to taste or 8 drops
water to desired consistency (about 1 cup or less)
optional: a few tablets of chlorella*

Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

*Chlorella is a "genus of single-celled green algae, belonging to the phylum Chlorophyta." (wikipedia).
See below for the health benefits provided by Chlorella is available from: and
  • Aids you in processing more oxygen
  • Cleanses key elimination systems like your bowel, liver, and blood
  • Helps purify your blood and clean away toxins
  • Aids you in promoting optimal blood pressure
  • Supports elimination of molds in your body
  • Helps neutralize bad air you might breathe in
  • Promotes growth and repair of your tissues

Hope your body is feeling well today. :)

xo robin
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