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Making the Most of Everything.....

Posted Aug 04 2010 12:00am
I know everyone if so tired of hearing about the economy and how bad things are. I am more tired of hearing how the government is going to fix it for us. Why must we wait on them to spend more of our money and we reap less return. I am not talking finances but I am talking things we can do for our own well being and contentment that can make a big difference in our lives. We as Americans have so much and for some have Had so much and are losing it. Take a look around you. Say you are a senior citizen, in a small apartment on limited income and see few visitors. I will call you Jane for today. Jane has a sunny window in her living room that faces nowhere but the sun. In front of that window Jane could position a small table and saving fast food containers or other containers that holes can be punched in the bottom for drainage. Scavenger up some dirt from areas around you. It won't take much and if you drink coffee your coffee grounds. get you some cheap seeds. They are being marked down now..thinking the season is over BUT you can play around with this all winter. My mother saves a salad tomato plant all winter last year and we enjoyed fresh tomatoes ever so often. Try lettuce and onions, herbs maybe some small flowers. Nurture these plants and their surroundings and when you harvest for a meal, make it a special affair. It's only Jane in this apartment and I have it on authority she talks to her plants and waters them daily, in return they keep her busy year around. If you have excess for one, freeze it and take it out later for soup. My grandpa use to tells us to pull up our boot straps which coming from him meant "toughen up and make things work for you." I know this is sorry times for seniors and many, many of my friends are suffering daily. But we baby boomers come from good stock and can make good if we set our mind to it. Don't be afraid to try. love always Pokie
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