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Los Angeles Lakers first pre-season loss to the Golden State Warriors

Posted Oct 09 2012 7:24am
Los Angeles Lakers first pre-season loss to the Golden State Warriors, but the focus is not on winning or losing, the debut of Steve Nash and Kobe Bryant as the Lakers ' teammate, are the things that people are most interested in.Notnike air max hyperposite for sale   surprisingly, Nash will be Bryant (micro-blogging) career has worked with the finest pure guardian control, this means that Bryant can organize the team's offense in the hands of Steve (micro-blog), they concentrate on scoring."That is the exciting thing to me, he gave me a game easier."Kobe Bryant," said throughout his career, I have been organizing attack score, now I can remove one of these tasks, it makes me feel very happy.

Nash made Bryant beaming, in an interview, Bryant has always been contented.Nash's backcourt mate Kobe Bryant not only glad, he is just as likely to make the team'sfoamposites for women big man ext become comfortable."Nash was rare all-round player of the League."Bryant said," he has his own unique way of playing.No matter how aggressive defense, he can find a way to score and pass.And on his opponents if you dare appeared again on the defensive, but menashi would make those guys pay the price."Before the competition entry, Steve Nash reaped except for Bryant's biggest cheers, and he has become one of the team's most popular players.As the Nash in the game through a continuous dribble shake up your opponent hit after 3 min, cheering at the top of the scene.

Although this is only two players first pre-season, but the response from arising between them, there is reason to believe that will wipe out more of a spark between them, also have reason to believe that the team's performance improved than last season."I feel very good."So on between Bryant and Nash meet," we practiced together for about 1 week, we still have a long way to go.Partner between but I think we have a pretty good deal, would you have higher expectations for us."Bryant after the game today also touched former teammate Shaquille O ' Neal dehuaite·huohuade evaluation, o ' Neill said Howard even than the nets Center Lopez.Bryant said about this: "o ' Neill took other people's money, to express their views, our position is different, so I can't ask him to shut up.His work was, and what I care about is the Lakers ' this big guy, Howard is here to build his own legend.
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