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Long Time Wearing Snow Boots Actually Hurts Feet!

Posted Dec 26 2012 2:58am

UGG boots and their sheepskin counterparts has been a winter-weather staple for several years now, burberry outlet combining function, burberry outlet comfort, warmth and even some style. burberry outlet online What many UGG-enthusiasts don’t know is that their coveted boots are a breeding ground for bacteria and cause foot problems. Podiatrists and chiropodists believe the boots, who are particularly popular among young teenage girls, are leading to a rise in the number of people suffering pains in their feet and knees.

Dr Ian Drysdale, head of the British College of Osteopathic Medicine, believes because the foot does not get the proper support on the inside, it will lead to more ankle, knee, hip and back problems. "These boots are not designed for outside wear. Just because something becomes a trend or fashionable doesn't mean it's good or right," he said. "The particular problem with this type of footwear is it is unsupported. It's a slipper. You wouldn't normally expect to be doing outdoor activities from something that's indoor. If you decide to wear your pyjamas outside all the time, someone will come up and say it's not a good idea."

Dr Drysdale explained that the feet issues become a particular problem among young teenage girls, whose bones are "plastic" and developing when they are growing. "If that structure is developing in an inappropriate way," he said, "Then the ultimate structure will be deformed." Mike O'Neill, a consultant podiatric surgeon, said: "As the foot slides around, you get wear and tear on the joints on the inside of the foot. The ankle is in the wrong position, the thigh bone also changes position and you get an abnormal movement in the pelvis, which leads to back problems." UGG Australia, who makes the designer version of the boots, told The Daily Mirror that their boots are "comfort" rather than "performance footwear" and consumers should be aware of "knockoffs" which lack reinforced heels or insoles in their boots.

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